OT: Christmas Avatar contest time!


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OT: Christmas Avatar contest time!

Yes folks, it's time for the annual tradition of sticking santa hats, beards and/or bags of toys on the little pictures that say so much about who we are to our fellow forumites.

The winner this year receives a plate of cookies (their choice), recognition, and fame and fortune*

I noticed some folks have already started the switch but post here for your official entry. Categories include but are not limited to: cutest, funniest, weirdest, and best over all. Voting will also happen in this thread so the sooner you post yours up, the better chance you have. Gentlemen (and EUs), Start Your Image Editing!

*Actual fame limited to forum members and fortune is limited to said cookies and praise unless some one wants to chip in other goodies.


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<---- !!

No foolin' here people! Thats a genuine Raindeer Bat that's been placed into stasis with a high level Glacial Spike while he's modeling for the holiday season.

And you guys always wondered what powered the bat mobile! Well now you know... Raindeer Bats!

Edit: Amen, I like it!



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Phear my new avatar! Thought it was time to go back to an old Futurama one :grin:


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count me in :grin: christmas falco

edit: damn, i'll think i'll keep it after christmas :grin:


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This means I'll have to get myself a new avatar, and then modify it. Back soon with a newie...

<<---------- Stalin FTW!


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If you were really naughty, Santa would loose his reindeer wolf on you.

Just another incentive to leave cookies. Druids ftw.


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I don't even have a normal avatar because everytime I try to get one, my anti-virus goes red alert.
Where do you get yours from?
I'd very much like to participate, but not at the risk of computer probs.


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most of mine are pictures I've taken, but this is just one I found on the internet and liked. You can always go to www.webshots.com and browse around.

I wish I had a better editing tool than MS Paint, but oh well.