OT: Blizzard Invades


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OT: Blizzard Invades

At least that's what I though when I went to this site a few minutes ago. Type the URL into my browser and instead of the nice maroon background I get the Battle.net webpage, yet the URL is still what I typed and not redirected.

So I sat there for a moment somewhat dazed :shocked: .....until I looked at the URL again. Apparently I had mistyped it and put the following in instead:


Odd yes? :scratch:


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Ouch. That looks like an attempt at traffic stealing.

Just did a WHOIS:
   Blizzard Entertainment

   Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)
   Domain Name: DIABOII.NET

   Domain servers in listed order:
What's strange is that diaboii.net is registered through GoDaddy, and battle.net is registered through NetworkSolutions. Wierd.


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When I use my bookmark, I get to the right page, but when I click on your link it comes up wrong.

EDIT: Ah yes, I see it now!


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hehe, I looked and looked and couldn't see the difference. I finally opened a new browsing tab, typed it in all over and got to te normal d2.net home page, then I was able to compare and see the difference.


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Took me a while to spot the difference as well. What I find weird is that browsing round the site looks normal as well. For example, I followed the link from there to the Arreat Summit and was able to load it's pages while the address bar still showed I was on the diaboii.net site. I was also able to see the pages for Starcraft under this same domain.

Is this normal or have they recreated most of their battle.net site under this other domain?