ot:anyone ever play...?


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ot:anyone ever play...?

diablo i.....i loved that game. it's still by far my favorite game ever. im also a big fan of warcraft ii. what's some of you guy's (gal's) favorite games?


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Atm it is UT2k4 demo.
But that game is scary since I've never played a game that gets me so frustraed. If I play bad for longer periods I am ready to smash my screen over and over... grr

Of all times...hmmm
I sort of got into gaming with heroes 3 and diablo 1 but the one I've played the longest is diablo 2...

Best game however is BG2 but cant say it is my favorite since I've never completed it by my self.(For some reason I stopped in UD)

ATM:UT2k4 demo
Favorite of all time: Diablo 2(Maybe rebel assaul)
Best of all time: BG2


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Diablo 1 rocks, I still go back to it every now and then, fantastic atmosphere. Diablo 2 is only as good, in a different way, not really better IMHO.

Other than that.. favourite games of all time.. hmmm... Wing Commander Privateer is cool, wish I could still play it but dont run on XP :grrr: Final Fantasy VII on the Playstation.. Half Life...but most addictive/most played has to be D2 :)


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Glypha III and Escape Velocity: Override sucked many a year off my life span. ;) Amazing games, both. Hm. Prince of Persia was incredible.

And D1 rocked my world, too. It was so atmospheric! But American McGee's Alice wins the prize for most themed and amazing world in my book.

But that's on the computer. Console-wise, Super Smash Brothers Melee is incredible, and Wave Race: Blue Storm is amazing. I think that Wave Race has the best and deepist basic mechanics of any game I've ever played: it was truly easy to learn and incredibly difficult (and rewarding) to master. Wow.


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Dolph said:
I sort of got into gaming with heroes 3 and diablo 1 but the one I've played the longest is diablo 2...
:embarrass I got into gaming with PacMan and Space Invaders on an old Atari console...

I really enjoyed the entire Civilization series. The only game I'm currently playing is D2 - due to severely limited playing time.


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I've getting into Team Fortress Classic again after a hiatus of like 3 years. I used to consider myself pretty good, but now I get my @ss whipped all over the place.

Also, I've been hitting some old school Super Nintendo roms lately. Super Street Fighter II, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy III. Good stuff.

I'm probably going to get the Morrowind GOTY edition next. I have the regular one for XBox and enjoyed it immensely.


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The Tomb Raider game's are fantastic and i still go back to them a lot, i've had a lot of enjoyment from them. At the moment i have just started Baldur's Gate I on PC and Indiana Jones And The emperor's Tomb on PS2. My favorite game of all time is Final Fantasy Tactics by Squaresoft on PS1, it's an amazing game but my PS1 is out of service for the moment :hanky: . oh and i play Diablo II of course.


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I started a quest to complete all of the final fantasy games in order 1-10 less FF3 from japan, since I can not get a copy translated for it, and Bahamuts Lagoon (only on SNES which I do not have). I got through 1 NES, 1 PS1, 2 PS1, 4 PS1, and most of the way through 5 PS1, then I decided to take a break from the turn based strategy for a while.


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I want to get back to D1 since it feels more like a Diablo game then the second one and there's no MFing so it's all good. But UT2004 and Sacred (demos) are eating much of my time. 3h matchs at UT is amazing. :lol: Continued my last game at FF6 too. Just got Locke, my Ragnarok sword and my Cursed shield. Edgar is preped up for the 255 battles ahead to get the Paladin shield. :D And of course Illumina. :innocent: Getting ready to get Gogo and leveling my dudes to lvl 99.


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Cloud would pwn your Illumina with his Omnislash

And I have been playing a bit of Diablo hellfre here and there. At least the rogue can do something in this one :thumbsup: .