OT: An apology to the forum

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OT: An apology to the forum

I have been gone a long time. Since the end of May. Essentially, one of my best friends took his own life, finals week hit and I still had to put out two issue of my campus newspaper while being trained in the run the thing next year. As a result, I neglected everything D2 related. Sorry guys, RL just came first. My biggest apology goes out to Kabul, and the rest of the PvP crowd, as I completely left the tourney without any explanation. I haven't got around to checking what actually happened. I would have loved to compete, but, you know what I mean.

From there, I didn't want to touch technology, as usual after school. One problem. After packing up my computer, I forgot to give back two pieces of gear I have on loan from two forum members. They know who they are, and when I return to school in September, they will get their gear.

So summer continued as ususal, and I went to work at Many Point Scout Camp. After two weeks, one of my best friends called me up and asked me to take his partner's place in a 2,000 mile canoe expedition. I said yes, and have been on the trail for the past two weeks on the Red River of the North. Read all about my adventures on www.hudsonbayexpedition.com I'm, Matt, btw.

Currently, I am in a hotel, on a layover day in Southern Winnipeg. Although we have a satelite phone to which we connect to the internet to update our journals, I don't have the time, energy or battery power (we run our computer off of a motercycle battery recharged by solar panels) to check this site for most of the remaineder of the summer.

So again, my apologies to the forum. I feel like I have let you down in answering questions and generally purusing the forum. I ask for your forgiveness for my negligence. As usual, I will return in the fall with the D2 fire burning once again.

Until then, may all your drops be green and gold.



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No apology is necessary. We all understand that life goes on outside the forum, and while we miss you, we are glad that you are getting out and enjoying your summer. It's very good to hear from you. Please stop by when you get the chance, because we'll be glad to have you again.

We know you'll be back.

They always come back.


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Sorry about your friend, crg. I'll pray for his friends and family. A good friend of mine lost his brother similarly. 2k miles is an ambitious trip. I hope you have fun, see you in fall.


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RL has a habit of creeping up on you, so don't worry about that CRG.

necrolemming said:
Aw crap, that bites crg. Sorry.

You probably would have placed 4th in the PvP tourney were you around for its conclusion.
I know me and Sint were both scared of that wolf barb...:p


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Sorry to hear about what happened to your friend. Take your time and when you're ready, we'll be here.