OT : Aman needs some cooking help


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OT : Aman needs some cooking help

Ok i need some cooking help for some quick snaces i can make during the day whilst im at home.

I'll give a quick list of food i have round the house daily but i can see it will be mainly down to toasted sandwhiches etc and omlettes/somesort of eggs :grin:

Some vegtables
sliced ham
Baked beans

So i want to hear what you like to make if possible only from this list also be detailed as possible so i can just print it off to try :grin: .

Sint Nikolaas

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Put these in a fryingpan
Some vegtables
sliced ham
after chopping it all up (chop onions, chop veggies, make small blocks or whatever from the cheese, chop bacon, crump bread, ham blocks) and stir it around for a bit so you won't get a nice omlet or something, but a messy baked pancake. Eat it.


Seriously though:
i can see it will be mainly down to toasted sandwhiches etc and omlettes/somesort of eggs
Yeah. Although you might want to go with plain pasta + cheese (vary with the other stuff) or vagatables / onion with bacon on bread.



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There are probably more things i can add to the list but im too lazy to look and i still need to go shopping , so i guess i will add more food later :grin:


Me too, me too! water_moon, your help is needed! A few cookie recipes (that don't require things like blueberries) would be much appreciated...

Then again, I'm not sure if I'll get off my butt and cook something. I'd rather stay hungry!

aman: chop the veggies and onions, break the egg on top and you have a nice veggie omlette! Alternatively, cook the pasta and add whatever you have at home (veggies, cheese, tuna fish, yogurt, bla, bleh, meh, etc)


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When I'm alone at home and don't have to feed hubby, I usually just cook a big lot of Pasta and then work from there. You can do a lot of different stuff with Pasta.

- Stir Fry: Just chop up whatever you find in the house/fridge and like, fry it, then add Pasta, season (ketchup is a must), fry some more and add scrambled eggs in the end.

- Ovenbaked: mix pasta with either a tomato or sour-cream sauce, cover with cheese and put it in the oven until the cheese is melted and nicely coloured. Best is 1 layer of pasta, 1 layer of sauce and repeat. Put bacon or ham in the sauce layer for added flavour. Season with salt and if you like Thyme (sp?).
For the sauces you can use a tomato sauce from a packet (like you'd use for Pizza) and for sour cream you'll need sour-cream (obviously), 1 egg and Parmesan.

-Salad: Mix pasta with mayonaise, boiled eggs (chopped), pickles (chopped) and ham.


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Ham Sandwich?

Stir Fry's are good - chop all the vegetables, add some cubed up (cooked) boneless skinless chicken breast and go.

Buy some Kraft Dinner
Add chopped up hotdogs while it's boiling
when you're stirring in the cheese sauce at the end, add (cooked) chopped bacon, and chopped onion.
This one is my favorite and super easy.



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my dad's old 'lazy mans breakfast sandwich':

1. put some toast in
2. take 1x egg in a small bowl (the kind you'd use for cereal). Use a fork to break the yolk and mix it in with the egg white.
3. (optional) add as much cheese to the egg as you feel is appropriate for 1x sandwich
4. microwave the egg for 1 minute
5. when the toast is done, add jam, butter, etc., and the egg
6. Eat it

From start to finishing cleanup, you're done in <10 minutes, although a proper omlette is much better.


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Well you've got most of the ingredients needed for a poor man's carbonara. The way I've been making it recently is to:

-Get enough pasta boiling to cover a dinner plate with a thin layer once cooked. (usually estimat this)
-Fry two stips of bacon on a pan (around medium heat for the whole frying pan operation).
-Meanwhile chop/dice the onions (three thin slices if you want chopped, two thick slices for diced).
-Once the bacon is limply cooked pour off most of the grease and add in the onions. Season with a bit of salt.
-Meanwhile beat a single egg. If you want the egg heavier add a bit of water, fluffier add a bit of milk. I season with salt, and black pepper helps here too.
-After beating the egg, pull out the bacon strips and chop into thin slivers then toss back into pan and cook until the onions are at a consistency you like. Add sugar to taste before you take this off of the pan (1-2 tbsp should be good).
-Cook the egg in the pan. If you stir a lot you'll get a lightly textured lumpy egg. If you stir it very little you'll get eggs in sheets with more texture. I prefer the latter.
-Once the egg is cooked throw back in the bacon/onion mixture, strain the pasta, and add this to the pan. Stir and add in sugar/salt as needed. Adding some freshly cracked black pepper is very nice here too.
-Pour this off onto a plate. Then add in whatever cheese you've got, and stir it in, the heat from the pasta should melt it. Instead of sprinkling the cheese on top. I like to poke it into the pasta with my fingers then stir, this prevents you from getting a big wad of cheese and some plain pasta.

Exchange the bacon for ham for the exact same dish.
Also if you got some rice at home I can tell you how to make a mean fried rice with those ingredients.


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Thanks for all the suggestions guys keep em comming

Brak that looks great and i'd love to hear the rice one also


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Sorry if I step outside of the items list. This one is cheep, easy and flexible (um…no jokes).

- Cook pasta; remember to salt and “glug” a bit of oil in the saucepan before you put the pasta in the boiling water
- Remove pasta and rinse with cold water and let cool
- Add equal amounts or olive oil and white vinegar to taste
- Add fresh cut tomatoes and cucumbers
- Spice with salt, pepper, oregano, and garlic to taste
- Eat cold or mic it up

The oil, vinegar, veg and spice can be mixed ahead of time to let it add blend.

Dark Matter

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Well you've got most of the ingredients needed for a poor man's carbonara. The way I've been making it recently is to:

-Cook the egg in the pan. If you stir a lot you'll get a lightly textured lumpy egg. If you stir it very little you'll get eggs in sheets with more texture. I prefer the latter.
You don't need to pre-cook the egg, the hot pasta will do that for you.

Put on a pan of salted water and bring to a rolling Boil.
In the mean time cut up the bacon and chop the onions.
Chuck the pasta into the boiling water (check the packet for the time)
Fry the onions and bacon in the pan
Break an egg into a bowl, whisk it with a fork, add salt and pepper and grate cheese into it too.

Once the pasta is cooked, drain it and put it back in the hot pan.
Add the Bacon and Onion with their fat from the pan (added flavour)
Add the raw egg and cheese mix.

Stir well and serve.

The hot pasta, bacon and onion will cook the egg in seconds.

we add the raw egg to the pasta so that it coats the pasta like a proper sauce.

You can grate more cheese on top if you want.



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Now this is my kinda thread!!!

I find that actual cooking is a pain when I'm in the house by myself, and my tummy has been a bit to delicate latly for things like onions so I'm gonna suggest a meat and cheese plate.

Take snack crackers (I love triscuits for when I want to micro zap them!) and cut cheese to fit comfortably on them. If the meat is thin sliced just plan on folding it, otherwise, cut it too. Pile each on a plate, take to whence you like, and stack. Easy, simple, and can taste great if you have differnt kinds of cheese and meat.

You can also wash and cut the veggies into strips to enjoy with the above or by themselves.

#2 I learned from a buddy in college. Sautee finly chopped onion and garlic (or garlic powder if you have it). At this point you can either take said oinion and garlic and added to an omlet (it'l be sweeter from the cooking) along with the usual. Or you can include it with the butter it was cookied in (either way, at least use the butter) and baste it on the bread (dropping one side of the bread into the pan works fine and is quicker even if if a bit messier). Now cover the bread with cheese and put it under the broiler (on a pan is best) for about 5 minutes or until the cheese is melty and the edges are toasty. You can also put meat on for an extra hardy snack.

The cheap and easy version is to toast the bread, spread it with butter, sprinkle it with garlic powder, thorw on the cheese and toast it just until the cheese melts. Though you can also microwave it for about 40 seconds.

As for the cookies.... here are some oatmeal apple cookies that are actully kinda good for you, though you can skip the apples and add about 1 tablespoon more of flour if you're lacking them. I usually use the Toll House recipie (without the nuts and baked about a minute less for softer cookies) for chocolate chip cookies.


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After college I had learned to cook a full meal out of next to nothing, for 2 years I only cooked using a microwave and a grill (I wasnt supposed to have one, but I dont care, steak > oxygen). Boil water in a coffee mug or other container that holds heat well and is microwavable, add pasta, to the water, cover it with a plate or something that will seal the container pretty well but not perfectly, toss it back into the nuker and cook it until done, you can add seasoning before you cook the pasta.

Cook up any meat that needs to be cooked, or just add it if it comes pre-cooked (ie hot dogs). cook for a minute or two longer, eat. Pasta goes with everything, especially a lot of salt. When you are done load it up with cheese (I personally used processed cheese, you dont need to keep it cold, it melts easy, and its cheap.) and season to taste.

I could go on for hours, but basically just use trial and error, if you arent picky (im not) just mix stuff that has similar flavors and eat it. Cheese is savory, it goes with savory stuff like meat. Ice cream is sweet it goes with sweet stuff like apple pie. Simple formula. I mainly stuck to bologna and cheese sandwiches, being that I could make 5 at once and eat all day without any added prep, also it was cheap.

Beer + Fake Cheese + microwave = poor mans fondue, great to dip chips and pretzels in (add hot sauce for added flavor, IMHO tobasco goes well on anything).


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What I make when the fridge is getting empty, I'm lazy, and/or I don't want to wait long is this:

Start scrambling some eggs. One of those wok-style stir-fry pans works great. Put some bread in the toaster. As the eggs near completion, open a jar of pasta sauce (I assume you have this, since you mentioned pasta) or salsa, depending on your taste, and add a healthy dollop or two to the eggs in the pan, and mix thoroughly. By this time your toast should be up; drop it on a plate, and scoop the eggy stuff atop the slices. You can add in some of that meat while scrambling if you like (I don't, as I'm a vegetarian). Enjoy immediately upon serving.

I like this because it's super fast and easy, and with the flavor from the sauce/salsa, you don't even need to butter the toast if you don't want to, which also makes it fairly low fat (most of which will come from the oil/butter you scramble the eggs in).
Sint Nikolaas said:
Yeah. Although you might want to go with plain pasta + cheese (vary with the other stuff) or vagatables / onion with bacon on bread.
Pasta plus (lots of) cheese with some pepper is nice. You don't even need to grate the cheese; just chop it into cubes small enough to mix. I usually add a very small amount of tomato-based pasta sauce to this, just enough for a subtle flavor, but without it works too (good for when you've got pasta, but run out of sauce). This one's great when you feel the need to grease up your innards. :)

You can also grab some tortilla chips and a can of refried beans. Add the beans and some water (enough so you can mix it easily) to a saucepan, and heat until it starts bubbling. Remove from heat, and let stand (it will thicken). Once done, it makes a nice dip, though you can add all kinds of things to improve it, such as a pinch of chili powder or some chopped habanero or jalapeno peppers, if you like it spicy. You can prepare this ahead of time, then fill microwave-safe containers so you have a batch on hand whenever.

Stir-fry as Hp_Sauce suggests is also a favorite of mine. You can pick up a bag of those frozen stir-fry veggies, or you can cut up your own fresh ones; I prefer the frozen ones since fresh ones will go bad if you don't use them quickly enough, and the frozen ones are pre-cut and everything. Fry them up with tofu, meat, or (as I do) some of those fake meat strips, add stir-fry sauce and/or soy sauce to taste. Don't cook too long or the veggies lose their crispness. Place atop noodles or rice (I prefer noodles).


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You don't need to pre-cook the egg, the hot pasta will do that for you.
Yeah I used to do it like that, but then realized I usually keep eggs WAAAAY passed their suggested expiration date. Ended up liking it better with the eggs not stuck to the pasta.

OK on to fried rice. I have to put a disclaimer that it is recommended that you don't use any 'instant' form of rice for consumption. (Maybe throwing at weddings is OK if PETA still allows this) I'd go to your local Asian market and grab a big ole bag of rice. A 10$ bag should last about 6 months. Also recommend getting a rice cooker. This is easily the most used appliance in my kitchen. Just add water and rice, push a button and voila.

For a single serving I'll make 1/2 cup of Cooked rice. I prefer Thai rice, but most varieties will do, but I wouldn't recommend Basmati for this.

The great thing about fried rice is just about anything can go into it. Any vegetable works great, as well as any meat. For non-processed meats I usually cook separately from the veggies. But processed meats (bacon, ham, smoked sausage) are nice and easy because they cook quick and go into the pan with the veggies.

For cooking just heat your pan to medium-medium/high heat add oil (unless using bacon) and then start adding ingredients. I usually cut veggies into smaller than bite size pieces shaped like rectangles (like a quadruple wide julianne). Just add in the ingredients in order with the ones that take the longest to cook first and shortest last. Add in salt based on saltiness of the meat, and sugar just before taking off the heat. To give you an idea of the order things should be added I'll just make a list from earliest to latest below with different ingredients I sometimes use.

-bell peppers
-onions (add in salt here)
-snow peas
{give above ingredients a little longer}
-bean sprouts
{rest of ingredients should be added a short time before removing}
-ham/smoked sausage (let it brown lightly, like to season with chili powder)
-broccoli (pre-boiled)

Just before removing remember to add the sugar to taste.

Next step is to lightly rinse the pan. Then get it warmed again with some more oil. Have two eggs beaten and ready to go. I add a little water and salt to the eggs for texture/flavor. Cook the eggs like a broken up omlette. After adding let them sit for a bit to get totally cooked on the bottem, the slip a spatula/spoon underneath 'flip' them. Don't worry about breaking them, you want the eggs broken into bits. Once the eggs are about done dump in the cooked rice. Season with a little soy sauce, (if none just use salt) salt and sugar. Toss the rice and eggs around a bit check flavor, then if OK add in your meat and veggies. And get this all mixed up and check one more time for good flavor and texture. If the rice seems a bit dry just add a tiny bit of water and this will re-steam it.

Hope this works out OK if you try it. It'll definitely be tonights dinner for me.



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French Onion Soup

Thinly slice the (say 4) onions. Pour olive oil into a pot, add onions until they carmalize. Add broth (about 1 quart / pint per 2 onions). Let simmer for about 1/2 hour. Put toast in a bowl, add soup, add cheese. Tasty.


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The bast quick snack is really an onion. No joke. It's what got me through last year in the dormitory.

You make 2 cuts (in an X shape) into the onion that go about half way through.
Nuke it for 5 minutes.
Eat the sweet tasting onion. (Note, this will not make you cry.)