OT: 1 year of SPF

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OT: 1 year of SPF

This will be long.
Read and remember, thoughts are what keeps us alive. -Sint

Well guys,
exactly one year ago I joined these forums and about three days ago I noticed this. I'm going to write a bit about what happened this past year and what I have gone trough on these forums and in my D2 life. If you're not interested or don't know me.. you can just... also read it ;)
First off, I know a year really isn't long, I'm still new here. I don't know half of you like.. the half.... you half half ~put's ring on and disappeares~

9th of april 2004.
I've been lurking trough internet forums and this is about the 10th time I come back to these forums to brows trough some interesting links. I wanted to comment on something I read on one of these forums so I decided to join up. I was allready playing Single Player, but I was still building my characters like B.net with dueling in the back of my head. I didn't know anyone on the forums but I still posted some here in the SPF.

A while later I got to know some people and had a load of fun. About two months later I wanted some more action so I wondered if there was some PvP action here on these forums.. I hadn't seen a single post about it upto then. There was, not alot, but there was. We started up with quite a solid PvP group, not alot of people, but allways a minimum of 3-4 in a game. I got some good history of that, getting to know more people many of whom I now speak to in other places than this one. I'll allways remember Boddah and me fighting with fireclaws vs frenzy both swinging like crazy but not winning :D

I advanced from a questionaire into a answerer, consulting more about item properties and usefullness. My b.net background actually helped me and playing alot before and after that gave me quite some knowledge about the ingame environments. Allways thrugg or ice or one of the wisemen showed up to clear anything though. For some reason you were inspiring guys, thanks.

I started up a tournament, which, I hope, some of you have enjoyed. It all started when I made this thread: http://www.rpgforums.net/showthread.php?t=227861 Sadly enough, silentwhisper.net crashed not too long ago erasing all the pictures. However it gave me the Pic''o''rama idea with which I had alot of fun. I altered some screenshots and gave stashes out to the people who found the most mistakes. It was great hosting a small (I stopped after few rounds.. sorry) tournament, that didn't involve playing. I have created a new tournament that will need some minor smoothening, but will be released here when the time is right.

I quit playing around the end of November 2004. I moved to Amsterdam, not having a pc there made me look back on my time behind the screen and comming to realise that there was alot more then sitting. I actually are glad that I quit. I worked some time on alot of other stuff, but about a month ago I got a computer again and I also found my old D2 box. Without internet I settled again for SP but now only to play the game. I picked up my grailing to be my final mark and decided to join the Three Way Dance here at the SPF which gave me 4 characters to build: 1 sc Sorc, MF'ing only, 3 hc new ones, questing only. Playing like that gave me a better impression upto now, I allways twinked my characters, which now can't be done. I only play occasionally and participating in the MFL was some sort of exception since I figured I'd be doing about 2 hours a week anyway.

On to the ''other then me part''..
I want to like to point out a few members here, since there are way too many to ever write down I will set myself a limit of 5 people. If you're not on the list, I'm sorry.
You know I also wanted to include you if you're sitting behind your pc now, somewhat smiling, thinking back to ''the older days'' too.

AE & Krem. I took the both of you on one spot, I hope you won't mind sharing that altar since often you both are sweeped on one pile without knowing you two apart.
AE, you remember you gave me a warning once? ''Stop spamming the boards with well intended information, or you'll stop spamming at all''.. (not exactly the same words, it was a long time ago) I sure didn't forget and won't ever hehe. You're a nice kid, keep up the good work. Even though we recently had a strubbeling again, you will keep doing what is right I'm sure.
Krem, you too lighten the SPF burdon of the people here. You have a good sence of humour and I will remember you for that. Allways trying to end a thread rather quickly, but never losing your temper. Locking some threads were quite amusing especially if you didn't do it in one shot...
I also want to ask you to sticky the TUB thread once more.. :lol:

I know you will read this. You were some sort of inspiration for me, not because your great interest in the game or because I like black leather, but because of your posting style. You contributed alot to these forums and it's a sad case you ''left''. Your knowledge was leaking from time to time, but quite often to the point and you helped me out more then once (not in-game). I like to thank you for some other place, keep it up.

I often misspell your name. Alot of people here do too, I on the other hand can read and pronounce it perfectly though... You allways were the playing man. Achieving great things and contributing to this family made you one of the people to thank. Also thanks for showing up too often in the games we played untill morning slaughtering eachother. I'll admit this one time, you killed me more then I killed you. You can't quote me on that.

I picked your name up here because of your friendlyness. You make these forums a better place by just being around, even though you haven't been alot lately. I also picked you because you allways remind me of a good friend I had when playing on HC B.net. She was called Ingrid and you actually make quite a good resemblence. Keep up the good work, you'll succeed just fine.

Another guy who has ''left''. Simply put here because you lighted the forum with your charming personality. It's a pain with your internet problems lately, I hope you will read this. You served this community and me in more ways than one. Not only helping alot of people out you were a cool guy and I'll allways remember your charger beating mine with an inferior weapon... even though you could've probably killed me with a cracked short sword too hehe. Hope to see more of you in the future.

A person whom I actually know the least of the people listed. However I know he was allways there. I talk in the ''he'' form because Boddah has only logged in twice in the past month. I hope to see him more often, he was a definate plus in this place helping out on the forums and in PvP when needed. You should be around here, I allways have time to talk to you. Leave me a PM.

Hm.. allright that were 6 instead of 5.. See, I should stop untill I write something here about everyone. Once again, I know alot of you better and you should be standing here around me too.

The future..

Well, I hope the future will be bright. Alot of stuff was going on recently on these forums involving some moderating and working on both sides of the tracks, but these things had to be done. I didn't like the outcome on some ocasions, but what's done is done. The future will bring new. When the MFL is over for me I'll live on with my TWD character who will hopefully advance beyond normal Diablo (my necro has allready!). I'll update my HC Ladder character too. I won't pick up the game anymore to start playing intensively, I'm done. I will host a tournament here, the guidelines are pretty much set, some minor tweaking and we're off. I will also finish my Set-item Guide, it will take forever, but I will finish it. I hope for the SPF to continue being the great community it is, welcome to the new members and a head's up for the oldies. Leave in peace together, and read the god damn sticky's they're up there for a reason.

You can post here if you want to say something to me, about this community or take this thread as an oppertunity to remember old days. If someone comes in here and responds in a bad mannered way or spams the place up I personally will report the thread and make it die. Thanks.

Remember, thoughts are what keeps us alive.

Sint Nikolaas

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A little bump :)

I've received PM's on my tale of old. Thanks for all concerned. I won't be leaving, don't worry. I know it's hard to respond to a thread like this, leaving me a PM is good too. I wrote this thread rather to be written, then to be read.


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Well I'm gonna say something if you don't mind ;)

Even though it is indeed hard to answer at thread like this, especially when I don't know you as well as I should do. It's my own fault however, since I don't really play D2 much, haven't ever actually. Just on and off, so I've never MP'ed with anyone from in here.

You're a good guy Sint, I do miss your :drink: icons at the end of your posts though :)
As I said, you're a good guy and like the late Sam_Mananza I always enjoy reading your posts. I don't think you've really ever visited the DooL though, perhaps once in a while, but not frequent, which is another reason I don't really know you so well. I don't spam in the EMB only in the DooL haha!

I'm happy that you enjoy this forum as much as I do, and I hope that this sensation will continue in the years to come. I wonder if D2 can keep everyones attention for that long...?
Have a nice evening Sint, and here... a anniversary beer on me *hands beer to Sint*

Cheers mate

Well, i dont quite know the reason behind posting this thread, but i will say that you've been one of the good guys, a fun guy, a knowledgable guy (in the absense of a thrugg specialty post) and a good MP guy, has been a pleasure to get to know you more over the last year.
And, just from your tone in the first post, to me it seems as if your ready to move on, but you say your sticking around, which is definitely a good thing.


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I am quite honoured to have made your list. You bring quite a bit to these forums. I also have some good memories of this place, and especially dueling. While not very good at it, it was nice to try something new, and was always fun.
As to not being around much, life keeps me away from the smaller things, such as posting here. But I always stop by to check on how things are, and that the squid hasn't totalled the place yet. I have to remember to do something like this when I reach my two year aniversary.
Thanks again, excellent post, and cheers!

Sint Nikolaas

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Thanks guys, some short replies:

@rizz, yeah I tend to skip the daylies and intro threads etc lately so the DooL is quite missed on me. You did a good job on it and not only that. I stopped signing my posts. I can't sign them with ''Mil & Sam'' so I won't sign them at all. :(

@topps, you can use the sig.. :D

@nacaa, yeah it felt longer too :) I'm still a newbie here though..


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Sint Nikolaas said:
If someone comes in here and responds in a bad mannered way or spams the place up I personally will report the thread and make it die. Thanks.


Good post. I'm glad you've stuck around for the full year and I hope to see more years follow. :)


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I wasn't one of your 5 people mentioned.(Which was actually 7, n00b)

So I'm just going to leave this thread.

And call you a big n00b.

You big n00b.

(... n00b >.>)


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Hey sint... great post ;) and no im not gone... i might hardly post.. but i do read ;)

and hey? who knows? maybe i have a little suprise soon for all you guys up my sleeve.... :uhhuh:

gg on the year sint, and keep putting effort into making this place great ;)


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Oooh a strijdje post! You gotta do this more often Sint so we can get him posting once again.

:drink: whomhead :drink:

Ahhh, the memories.


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A year, hmm....


Welcome, though.....

Have you played any D2 before, if not, many here can lend you a helping hand.



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nice writing sint. and nice that you have not meant this as a good bye thread. stay here, have a plate full calamari fritti (there is enough squid for everyone in this forums :D ) and drink a beer, I'll pay for it. ;)


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OK, so I'm way late to the party and ressurecting a dead thread and having nothing of substance to say and am probably breaking some forum rule or something, but I just wanted to say thanks for the mention. Now I feel special :D and all blushy and girly and stuff....

damn you, now I have to go kill things