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Hello guys i think it's my second month on d2 again..
I have found some decent gear and really found myself using Orb mostly - ball for immunes to cold and Meteor on rare occations..
My sorc is lvl 86 Meteorb.. and I'm begging to get bored of her skill choice..
So when I get 2xSoj - shouldn't take long I will rebuild..
I have decent gear: Shako, Hoto, Torch, CoH, cta, arachnid, (merc) fortitude, eth obedience.... and I want to optimise Orb and FB.. Main purpose on this sorc: lvl up, do diablo clone (easy), do rushes...

1 Warmth
20 Orb
20 Icebolt
3 CM (enough for lvl 17)
No shiver - doesn't matter with act2 nm def merc.. (nn of def)
No static (never use it) - have it on my sorc atm..
20 FB
20 Fire Bolt
1 FM
1 Teleport
1 Telekinsis (I don't think this is pre-req: I use it all the time)
Rest Meteor (and it's prereqs)

Main skill total: 87-x

Ice blast, Frost Nova, Glacial Spike, Blizzard, (Inferno, Blaze, Firewall - Meteor prereqs)...

Pre-reqs total: 4-7

And this gives a total of 91-max

So with all skill quests (den of evil (1), Radament (1), Izual (2)) on 3 different difficulties will ad an additional 3 * 4 = 12

this means you can get your wanted skills in level 91-12+1= 80
and max level meteor will be 98 (max lvl) - 80(main skills) - 3(prereqs) = 98 - 83 = 15...

Without meteor this will ad a nicely (20 + 14) * 14%dmg to FB = 476%dmg to FB
with Meteor this will ad a nicely (20 + 14) * 14%dmg to FB + (15 + 14) * 14%dmg to FB = 476% + 406% = 882%dmg to FB

this without FM counted in..

With FM you need to add 30 + (14 + 1 - 1) * 7%dmg to FB..

Which will add up to:
128%dmg to FB

In the end: 604% without - 1010% with...

this is nice...

and you might say, okay lvl 99 is almost inachievabel, and i would go for lvl 90 as max myself...

This build main skill is Orb and you might say, yea yea... but Orb's synergies are low.... check out the dmg of 1 orb: 448-462????
So actually the +2%dmg from each icebolt level becomes a lot suddenly..

20 * 0.02 * 455 = 182...!!!
this means you will get an dmg of 630-644 .... this becomes a lot...
and suddently the orb becomes fun..

Hmm ... is this a guide or a question A: question :)

Will this work out nicely, or do you know more than me?


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This is pretty much the standard meteorb build except you moved points into ice bolt. The original works great, you can vary it up a bit without sacrificing too much. You will loose a lot of fire damage though.

An extra 40% damage on your frozen orb (from 20 synergy points) isn't that much actually. It's easier to get 40% extra damage from gear. IMO I'd rather spend those points in the fire tree where you get a lot more than 40% more damage, but whatever trips your trigger. This has been done before and it works pretty well. But your orb will still kill somewhat slowly in multi-player hell games.

I'd recommend getting a full tal set instead of your equipment options. You'll get +15% to cold damage (which is pretty much doubled by cold mastery)and -15% to enenmy fire resistances (which really helps your fire skills). You can also hit the 105% fast cast breakpoint with a spirit and magefists. You'll get good resists, more mana, and lots of MF too. Check out "the truth about tal's" in the library if you aren't convienced of tal's superiority.


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1. Static is, in certain situations, the highest damage skill in the game. Not putting a single point in it is, IMO, completely pointless (pun intended?) and un-Sorceress-like.

2. That fire tree skill allocation will not net you maximum damage per level (check here for more info on maximizing your Fire Ball damage), not to mention that maxing Fire Bolt before Meteor doesn't make any sense when you've already got a point in Meteor. Fire Bolt is useless; Meteor is not. Either max Meteor first or completely ignore it (saving you three skill points worth of prereqs).

3. If what you're after is a build that focuses on the cold tree while using fire as a backup, I'd highly suggest reading up on the Blizzball build. When you dump a lot of points into Blizzard and its synergies, you notice a significant difference; when you dump a lot of points into Orb and its synergy, you don't notice much of a difference at all. Orb is really just an economy skill: you dump 30-40 points into the cold tree and you're set, that's about as good as you'll get it.


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PhatTrumpet: I like your guide on how the synergie/mastery works... and will use it.. I'm still not sure if I understood it totally.. but I get where you try to get with the guide, and almost get how to use the formula..
As I said I never use static field... so why put a point in it???

MageChick: I have read the "thruth about tals set".. and it's calculations are made based on that you still use tals armor and some other stuff.. and you just switch orb for hoto and helm for shako...
So I will keep my current gear.. I don't like tals..
Also I will still stick to 20 points in Ice Bolt as it will make 182 more dmg..
which is a lot when talking of orbs..
And I don't have trouble killing with the orb... Sooo...
also I don't like Blizzard because it has to many synergies.. I used it in the past... but have grown tired of it.. Orb is the nizzle..

I will however use more points in FM :)


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As I said I never use static field... so why put a point in it???
Have you even tried it out before? Static cuts your boss-killing speed in half. Static is as essential to any decent PvM Sorc as Teleport. I don't mean this as a flame, but the only people I've seen in-game who didn't use Static were newbies who simply didn't know any better.

It's only one skill point, after all. You should at least experiment with Static before making a decision, because the only logical explanation I can think of is that you don't have much experience with it.



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My current lvl 86 sorceress uses static field..
I have made a lot sorceresses in the past..
With most bosses I kill them to quick to actually need to use static field..
With Mephisto I can come handy to use static and especially Baal...
But it's not needed with Mephisto - and it's not that often that I kill Baal..
Also 1 skill point is a lot... it can be the difference from lvl 91-92 ... and that means the difference between a lot of hours played..

Also I like that you put up this discussion, may or may not change my mind.. keep up the good work..


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and you just switch orb for hoto and helm for shako...
NOOOOoooooo.... The whole point of the article was showing why Hoto+ Shako+Tal's is a bad idea.

This totaly defeats the point of using Tal's. You loose all the damage from the orb, loose the resists and only gain a few +skills so your spells actually cost more mana, but do less damage. Your resists suffer, and you loose a lot of life too. Full Tal is much better than Tal Armor + Amy + Belt + Hoto + Shako. You loose all this and you only gain 20% MF, and maybe a few dex points. I can run it number by number if you need me to.

I'll 2nd the call for static also. I assumend you just missed it (because its so standard). It's nice for bosses as stated, but I use it a lot against Lister and friends too. When they start out a 1/2 life, it goes much quicker. It's also the only thing you can really do to help your merc when you encounted those dual immune (fire and cold) bosses throughtout the game. With a good merc, he generally doesn't need much help - but it's still useful.


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Magechick, I don't use Hoto + Shako + Tals :
I use Hoto + Shako + CoH + arachnid + tal amu.... there's a big difference and I'm pretty sure that setup is much better than tals set..


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I don't think any gear setup will be *much* better than full tal set for file/cold based builds. Some gear setups will give more +skill (like yours), others provider more FCR, resist, etc., so your choice should be based on your play style, the areas you normally run, whether you're focusing on MF or not, etc. Full tal set just offers a well-balanced package that's hard to beat.


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I suppose its time to drop it, but you are still doing less damage and with spells that cost more mana. For a cold + fire build you can't beat full tal. Nothing else in the game has both huge fire and cold damage at the same time. Run the numbers against any monster with resists and you'll see what I mean.