Orb/Shield vs. Staff for untwinked ?


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Orb/Shield vs. Staff for untwinked ?

I'm playing an untwinked Meteor/FO sorceress on SC.

I'm wondering whether I should go with max Block using Sigon's (the best shield I've found so far :D) or go with max Vit using my Leaf Staff (A huge boost to Meteor, from +3 meteor, +3 mastery)

I have no Orb so far, but I suppose I could get lucky with the Anya Quest in Nm or something similar.

Anyway which would be better you think ? I'm rather good (IMO) at avoiding getting hit, as I move all the time, teleport alot around, etc.
However since I plan on mfing with her at meph, I'll have to teleport alot to places unknown, where I believe max block could save my ass.

So basicly which way is better when I have no über items ?


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No doubt vita since this is PvM and going for max block with sigon will require quite a lot of dex because of its low block.


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since it sounds to me like you aren't having much trouble yet I'd suggest playing for a few levels with both.
Thanks to the weapon switch ability you can try them both out and see which is better for your playing style.

personally I prefer Orb and Shield just because I want max resists and that is very limiting if you go with a staff and no shield.


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Untwinkled it all depends on what you find, you cant really plan 30 levels in advance and say: Soon i can use ____...
Since you have a good staff, i suggest you use it. Points in vita is never wrong. You can always add points in dex later if you find some good orb, but having put points in dex hoping for that über-orb, and not finding it, will just make you wonder why you did so.

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I say it doesn't really matter...
As a sorc you aim NOT to be hit, other than to block when you're hit...
So just pump up Vita, and keep dex to a minimum... If you have more life you can allways take that hit or 2, and with orb and shield you have the chance to get more + skills.... besides, this way you can allways switch...

Sorcs are mainly about + Skills and fcr... So pump Vit, and switch as you please...


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an outline of a typical untwinked sorc I have had:

- str: pump all the way to 103 (= archon plate's str req), pause for some levels, and then to 125, pause again, and then all the way to 156. if you are really stingy on this, stop at 126 base str = you can still use SS, once you use str items to help you lift the shield.

- dex: enough to keep 75% blocking with a 60% blocking shield (sigon's shield = 64%, a ryhme grim shield = 60%, SS = 67%).

- vit: base, pump it slowly after you have defeated the Hell diff of the game or at about level 80. In HC, you might want to pump early. But if you build your sorc around ES, you could leave this at base for ever.

- energy: base, for ever, unless you build your sorc around ES. In that case you might want to put all the remaining stat points here.

I do this in both SC and HC. My latest sorc (SCL, not completely untwinked, but her gear was as poor as you could imagine) defeated Hell with base vita/eng, 500/400 life/mana, and 145 stat points not allocated at level 80.

High str/dex will allow you to effectively use almost all decent gear in the game. Eventually, you can put on something like a 1.3K def valor (if you find one), and have 4K defense on your own. Being able to use any good items helps a lot with untwinked play.

It's okay to use a staff - I like this style, very cool! But I do know the fact that a staff sorc can die very easily - and wihtout twinking, you can hardly survive the entire game. I have played HC most of the time and more than a dozen of serious sorc builds in HC. None of them has ever died in actual game play - they only expired though.


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Thanks for all your answers. Last time I played was in early 1.10 days with a meteor/FO sorc using memory staff and energy shield at lvl 1. I managed HC Hell just fine :)

So I'll go with vit / staff, besides I've already got plans for the next sorc, so if I find a good orb, I can go dex / shield with her :)

Once again thank you.