Orb Es PvP build questions!!! Plz Read!!

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Orb Es PvP build questions!!! Plz Read!!

Ok, I have never done the es build before. Gear is no problem, I have all perf gear 35 fathom, 20 20 monarch, 20 Nw, 44,40,40,40,40,40,40,39,37 Gc's and 10x 70 mana/15 life Sc's.
So basically my question is: If im usin a es staff, do I even need to bother getting es or will the +3 to es be enough? Where should I get my Vit/Energy to?
Please help me out, I will be checking this thread regularly!

Msg me if u have a sick PvP build or something, Please expert advice only?



What armor is she carting?
20/20 monarchs seem a bit inefficient to me - vs a 20/20 armor + spirit, or 20/5 ormus +3 es + spirit.

I'd put base points into the ES though, I can only count a max of +12 sorc skills / ES, 14 if fletch or +2 all ammy. Iirc, a slvl 40 ES = 95 sorb. With pvp orb, you'll have enough points to get a high / max TK, and even if maxed, you'll still have extra points left over, so plug em into ES. If you spend no base points in ES, and only use a +3 es staff (cta?), you'll have 65 (if 3/10 cold ammy) es sorb, or 69 es sorb with a +2sorc/maras ammy - and extra points left unused.


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Put one point for the sake of not prebuffing all the time.

I made my FBer with no point and +9ES Memory. Prebuffing BO/ES is annoying as hell. The one extra point wont affect your dmg that much anyway. I might lvl my sorc one more lvl just for that point in ES.


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I actually just made a es/orber like a week ago. She does real nice in pvp and doesnt even take a scratch on hell meph runs.The gear i use is:
deaths fathom
arachnid mesh
sandstorm treks

for stats i maxed es, telekenesis,orb ice bolt and im owrking on cold mastery now.

i went ahead and used enigma fir the str req on a monarch spirit and went full energy with her. Some people say coh is better for resist, but in truth, damage to mana is calculated before resists are :p
Her mana is up to about 4k and the orb is doing 1.1k. these numbers are both without any charms accept torch and anni.And with this you can prebuff if u really want to but your es is already at lvl 39 with bc on you.