Orb Choice: Death Fathom or +2 sorc/+3 blizzard orb


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Orb Choice: Death Fathom or +2 sorc/+3 blizzard orb

Assuming I have this set up for a blizzard sorc with max blizzard and all it's synergies.

shako with 5/5 cold facet
tal amulet
Perfect Blizzard Ormus with 5/5 cold facet
lidless with 5/5 cold facet
2 x sojs
10x cold charms
anny charm

Total of +22 skills +30% cold dmg without an orb.

I was wondering which orb would be better in terms of bliz dmg based on the gear above?

+2 sorc +3 blizzard fcr orb with 5/5 facet
or Death's Fathom +3 sorc/ 25+% cold dmg with 5/5 facet.

Can anyone help with this ?

Thank you


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25%ed on cold on fathom with or with out 5/5 cf?

anywho ethere way the fathom will add more damage by about 1500

now if u were doing fire ball i would love a +2 sorc, 20fcr +3 fire ball with 2 open sockets :drool: