Orb, Blizz, or lighting?


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Orb, Blizz, or lighting?

can someone tell me what i should get and whic hone is the best?? I cant decide i need to know which is best


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It would depend on what kind of gear you'd get for her and what kind of style of gaming will you play. Lightning - PvP / FO - PvP / Blizz - PvM is my suggestion.

- Dennis


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Smakman said:
can someone tell me what i should get and whic hone is the best?? I cant decide i need to know which is best
I have tried a number of different sorcs. my favorite one is frozen orb/ meteor/ fireball. she's mostly fire but has enough skills to kill cold immunes so she's not completely helpless doing andy or even in diablo


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I like a Light sorc, with the right gear you can hit 25K light dmg with Lightning and 13-14K dmg with Chain Lightning. There are few light immunes, and with the new rune words and a well equipted merc, nothing can't be killed. On the other hand if you can't afford some of the best equipment, mainly infinity, then a regular meteor/orb is probably one of the best all around sorcs.

I can't remember all my stats, cause I have quit playing all together, but this is something close to how my set up was.

perfect griffons (perfect light facet)
eschutes with perfect light stats (perfect light facet)
ormus with Chain Lightning and (perfect light facet)
spirit (runeword) 35 fcr
maras (only 29 res) also used a crafted ammy for a little while
mesh belt
2x sojs
some resist all small charms
5 light skillers
15 resist all gc

infinity cryptic axe (cant remember the stats/ not perfect)
COH/Fort (would switch sometimes)
Andys helm or Dream helm

when I quit she was lvl 93 and merc was 92, I could run anything in the game and never had to worry about not being able to kill anything. She was a little low on resistances but never had to much problems.

Ok thats my 2 cents. Peace

Vae Victus

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I'd say it's good to have an idea what her purpose is before deciding. Will it be a pit runner, meph runner, cow runner, PvP? Just a rusher for other characters/friends? Being more specific about her endgame purpose would help you decide much easier, and also let people give you a better idea which skills are more suited for that purpose.