Optimal configurations for running the game?


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Hey there, my fellow SPF'ers. I need help again :p

So, I've been running the game in a 1x maximized Window mode (as the attached photo shows) for quite a while, but lately, when trying to get faster Meph/Pindle run times with my Sorc, I realized that playing the game in a non-fullscreen mode makes me Teleport more than I had to, since in Window mode I have to be careful not to click outside the Window.

Since I'm not sure what else to do besides removing the "-w" part from my D2.exe file, I've come to you for help.

I know that much of this is about "preferences", but I can't really decide "what I prefer" before I understand "what can be done", hence why I made this post. First I want to learn all the possibilities, then I can find the most comfortable settings for me (and, as I already pointed out, I want to find a non-Window mode so that I can use Teleport more efficiently).

After I removed the "-W" part, I noticed a few things, though, which I'm not sure how I can toy with:

1. The game gets two "black bars" on each side of the screen, which I guess is normal since the game is pre-widescreen era.
2. The game feels ok but I'm not sure this is the best way I can view the game screen. Should I use the 800x600 resolution in the Options menu, as I have been, or not? What should be the settings there?
3. I noticed that, when playing fullscreen, the Gold lettering for Unique items looks a LOT more like the Yellow lettering for Rares. This is annoying, but moving the contrast/gamma settings didn't really seem to do much.
4. The game runs a bit slower now. Is this "normal" or should I close all other applications (I only had ~10 internet tabs open, and not any software besides D2)? Or do something else?

I think this sums it up nicely. If you could please share your own configurations, or help me understand the specifics I got wrong, I'd appreciate it a lot. Thanks again :)



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Have a look at GliderWrapper in the sticked thread. SPF Community and Links

It should offer you alot of options as to the window sizes, and especially keeping the cursor locked in the window so you don't misclick out of the game.

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Hey, thanks for the suggestion. I tried downloading and installing the wrapper but I'm having trouble putting it to work. I think I did everything fine, but the window mode still allows the mouse to go outside the window. I have the right option checked in the Glide settings, do I need to "export" a new glide.dll file afterwards? Can someone provide steps? The software's readme is not very instructive regarding that...

Thanks in advance!