Operating Systems

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Operating Systems

Hi, I was just curious as to how many people use whatever operating system there. Just a quick poll I guess..just out of curiosity.
Windows XP professional. before that i was stuck on win98, which although is nice and stable, was just so ugly and old fashioned in comparison.


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I voted Windows, but it's not actually correct.

At home, I have two boxes --- the one on the desktop is running XP, the one in the dark corner is running Linux; it's my Internet gateway, server host and runs all download- and chat clients.

At my workplace, I have a W2K box on my desk, but all my development work is done on Linux (editing and cvs) und MacOS X (compiling and testing; it's my current target platform).


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i am with xp professional.
if anyone is having problems with Linux, feel free to ask the guy on the left :drool:
{KOW}Spazed said:
I'll give you three guesses.
Definitely windows. :p
As for other OS's, ive used Max OS 9 and it was ok, just not used to it, and linux is good if you have the patience to set it all up to exactly how you want. But alas, both these (and all others) suffer from not having enough programs and games made to run on them. Still, im hoping longhorn will actually have some sort of defence against spyware, that will be a major improvement alone to XP..


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Johnny said:
Windows xp home edition. Id preffer profession but Im not buying that.

Ha! For once, we agree. XP Home here, too. No Professional for me, although I would prefer it.


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go go windows 98 :p

i would upgrade but my cd burners ****ed so i can be screwed dling all my music at the mo hehe lazy to fix it