Open Letter to Bashiok (reset WHY?)


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Open Letter to Bashiok (reset WHY?)

Hi Bashiok,

Could you please :
1)explain the rationales of having the reset now (March to September only)
2) understand that legit players that are already sacrificing a lot of their time to play that great game could not achieve minimum goals in such a limited amount of time.
3)I'm playing HC by the way so I understand that SC situation could be different... WHen I die I loose all the best equipment that I had patiently gathered in months.
4)playing 4H a day is a large investment of time but even with the new drops for runes I have only 2 PULs, 2 MALS, 1 Gul and one SUR in my mules. A few exp uniques...
If you are a legit player , if you don'tbuy from online merchant, not having access to ladder specific low runeword like SPIRIT or INSIGHT (playing sorc mainly) makes the game extremely hard to beat! In 2 years of playing I have never had enough wealth to complete high level runewords, this patch gave the impression that it could become possible for the majority of us to achieve this or even play a bit with Ubers?
Forget about it!

Once that said if the reasons behind an early reset could be explained a bit more it might help us to trash our toons and mules (happily?)...
Thanks for your patience with us by the way!
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Re: Open Letter to Bashiok (reset WHY?)

You should post that in the bnet forums. I doubt that any Blizzard employee takes open letters serious (or notice them at all) if they are posted here.


Re: Open Letter to Bashiok (reset WHY?)

Please post such on the official forums and not here, as Krischan said it's doubtful that Blizzard forums will even notice them here or take them seriously.

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