Op XbananaX - US East HCL


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Hi. Ladder reset today. I'm leveling a sorc now. I'll have the banana bot up if the account is deleted due to inactivity. For those of you that want to log in and say hi, please do so.

My account *MizzouFTW

Hope to see you all.

Edit: Channel bot is up. COME BACK AND PLAY WITH ME

Edit#2: If anyone else wants to manage the channel bot shoot me a PM. I'll hand over the pass.
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Good news folks. I found all of the xbananax chat logs from about early 2008 to mid 2011 on an old laptop. So much preserved history has just been found... Man, we were a bunch of wankers!


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How pathetic is it that I have no interest in playing Resurrected at that price?

Original still works fine for me. . .

crashes in Bloody Foothills after being slain by a Quill Rat


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can't believe this account still works after all these years.... i'm from the 1.09 era. Mostly hung out in the GAT channel
what the hell is everyone teleporting these days... what did they do in the later patches my god... crazy world.
looking forward to some hardcore action when D2R comes out..