oops, i think im time restricted?? how long


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oops, i think im time restricted?? how long

I am "unable to connect to battle.net" at the moment. Having read this forum I suspect I'm time restricted. I was trying to multiclient at the time with a dodgy CD key. I was just trying to stop losing items when transfering stuff to and from mules.

How long will this ban last? Is it based on my IP or my CD key? Also If i buy a second copy of D2 (it's cheap enougth) can i multiclient then?


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Anywhere from a 15 minutes to like 3 days i think some people have said.

I've read that some people have varying degrees of luck by resetting the modem/router. Going surfing for a little bit. Going into single player and on. For me, only the modem/router thing ever works and even then, only about 1 time outta 10.


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turning the modem/router off and on might help, but only if your modem/router grabs a new IP address from your internet service provider.

different ISPs will have different lease times available for their IP addresses .. i've seen as short as 1 minute without activity to as long as many weeks before the IP changes.

i think Brona's right about the time range of the ban.. any longer than 3 days is a permanent ban, i believe?

i was IP banned for 30 minutes once after making many MF runs in a row.. i thought i was going to die.. i mean .. i got to spend time with my kids :wink3:

Evrae Altana

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bruticus said:
any longer than 3 days is a permanent ban, i believe?
If the account itself was permanently banned by Blizzard, you'd get the message "This account has been closed (#)". You wouldn't even be able to log onto the char selection screen.


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if it goes longer than 2 days email bliz support
if your key has been disabled from bnet you will get the error saying so