OOOOOH!!!! these new rares are nice


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OOOOOH!!!! these new rares are nice

just found this.

Imp Bar Colossus Volgue
9mana steal
90something AR

60-600and something dmg

with a shael she hits 5 frames. hellslower-ean dmg but with decent speed! the onyl downside is the 210 str required :mad:


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i have a pretty cool rare legendary mallet. 309%ed and +50% damage to undead and some other useless mods along with 1 socket. its a decent pally weapon


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I have a nice 419% ed, +3 min and max damage,+2 all traps, +1 WOI, rare feral claws, If only the fire traps did more damage, and trap-DClaw hybrids were more do'able.....


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I found a nice rare tiara: 1+ to asn skills, 23 to all resists, 17 to strength and adds 1-115 lightning damage.


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Some guy on trade forums got a kick *** bow with amp dmg.

Being nl where we cant upgrade the witchwild definitely sucks.


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Best thing is the ability to upgrade, so now you have to look at every damn rare that drops. I had a nice ethereal pike for my merc 280% ED, +30IAS, +100 pd and a few minor mods that I upgraded to a lance and I was going to upgrade to war pike but it got lost when my transfer game got dropped. :( along with the um needed to upgrade it :rant:

My new fave is a broad axe 328% ED, 40% IAS, +1 barb skills, +5 strength, +AR that I am going to upgrade on ladder once I find another damn um rune. Should be a sweet silver-edged axe. cross your fingers for 2 sockets.


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It's a good thing upgrading doesn't work NL, or everything would be even more messed than it is...


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I have one on uswest ladder, too bad it wasnt an ethereal one, or id trade heavy for the zod rune, right now it does

470ish max 2 hand damage, and only level 56 req!


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I got a flanged mace with only 280-290 ed. BUT it adds dmg per lvl AND AR.
My pally uses it, 1650ar on weapon alone. :surprise:
...or is it a reinforced mace??? :scratch:
I forgot. oh yeah. mana & life leech too :clap:
230 max dmg on it at lvl 75.
lol I'll have to check it when I get home. :embarrass


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i found the amp damage rare bow :D

my friend found a 400+ed rare col. voulge, it does 814 max damage, has 2 sockets, and ias