OneFromBeyond's Low Level ISO


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2 pgems
5 Ral Runes
1 Amn Rune
1 Shael Rune
Some junk jewels
18/11 Barb Torch - only willing to trade for a lower Barb/Druid/Necro torch and an item below

0 os or 2 os wand with +2/3 Bone Spear
0 os or 2 os Necro head with +2/3 Bone Spear
4 os Crystal Sword x2
4 os Phase Blade (eth is ok too)
Trang's Gloves
Trang's Belt
Jalal's Mane
Plague Bearer
Medusa's Gaze
Magefist x2
Shako x2
Poison/Bone GC
Warcry GC
Shapeshift GC
+2/3 Poison/Bone Amulet
+2/3 Warcries Amulet
+2/3 Shapeshifting Amulet

Obviously the better stuff I have no chance yet, but any items that would help a Singer, Rabies Druid or Bone Spear Necro would be appreciated.

thanks in advance,
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