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One Million Raw Account DPS

Discussion in 'Diablo 3 General Discussion' started by SlayaWhileAndGlisten, Jun 26, 2013.

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  1. SlayaWhileAndGlisten

    SlayaWhileAndGlisten IncGamers Member

    Jun 26, 2013
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    And I just started streaming. (tl;dr - scroll down for the link - today: 50mil giveaways all day, 250m later, Uber runs, Key runs, 66m given away at every 10 viewers, if I get 150 followers today, 1B giveaway tonight)


    -Paragon Level 371, working on 400 with my new Witch Doctor
    *Level 100 Wizard running Archon @ 425k DPS (will be converting to CM/SNS soon)
    *Level 100 Demon Hunter running Legacy Nat’s @ 300K DPS
    *Level 100 Barbarian, 424k (w/ passives) DPS in his PvM set -- Top 100 PvP in the world/10th Barbarian on the server in his PvP set -
    Despite that, because of the excellent balance in the Chapel, it's not incredibly uncommon for me to die.... or to go on 5-10-20 kill streaks. Just trying to be objective about it, I don't claim to be immortal [​IMG]

    *Level 71 Witch Doctor (and while his stats aren't bad..... I HATE WITCH DOCTORS.. so we'll ignore him) heading for P400 at the moment
    -Over 2,700,000 kills logged
    -Over 300,000,000 gold picked up (shooting for 350-400M @ around P400)
    -Almost 1,800 hours played. If it wasn’t for work/life, this would be closer to 2,000-2,250... because I'm a little crazy

    *Over 500 self-found, unID’d ilvl 60+ Legendary and Set items I’ve saved from my Barbarian’s (and Wizard’s) Paragon grind all the way to 100 that will be identified on stream*

    I really have absolutely no idea why I started keeping them at first. Maybe some hoarding tendencies? Not sure exactly, but I saved every single one from level one with the intent to ID them every 10 Paragon levels. 200 Paragon levels later and.... I've got a few saved up. I’ll be giving 95% of them away to viewers, then using the rest to gear up a Monk and start on the road to 500. I'll also use the 2,000+ Demonic Essences I'll have by then to see what else I can come up with. Need to make a Dex amulet and bracers for him/my DH and then I’ll get to work on 500.
    Pretty psychotic, yep. But I love this game!


    I've pretty clearly done enough solo work, so I'd like to start helping people out. By that I mean probably 40-60% of the time spent on viewer runs and stuff like UnIDs/items/gold and item giveaways etc etc whenever I'm streaming. For example, if you've read this far, the first 5 people to say something regarding Reddit in stream chat will get 50m.

    I think one of the problems with D3 is that there’s not really a social element. It’s made worse because these supposedly “social” streaming sites, where people are meant to interact with each other, have become boring as hell. 90% of the time someone sits and talks at his viewers for a few hours. There are streams where people run their mouths and don’t care about their viewers. There are streamers that seem to openly admit to botting/cheating and continue to do so. There are streams where, and I don’t know for the life of me why people would watch this, someone will just run around town in Act III, occasionally addressing viewer questions or comments and occasionally running out of town to kill stuff.

    But worst of all, other than Archon (who seems like a truly decent dude), there aren’t very many interesting, entertaining or helpful Americans streaming. From what I saw, no one's really taking care of the US scene very much. They’re almost all from the EU and it’s almost exclusively Europeans in the top 10 streams for D3 at any given time during the day. Granted, I have no firsthand experience with streaming, so what the hell do I REALLY know? I could be completely wrong there, but that’s the impression I got.

    I'd like to change that... assuming there's a "market" or want for it. I like this game more than almost any I’ve played in a long time (played D2 for 10 solid years, that will forever be my favorite game of all time) and will continue to do so for quite some time. There are a few people who seem to have jumped ship to the flavors of the month... like Path–to-Exile. The game already dying, a couple months into its “release”. That will never be me. Personally, I think certain ones are paid to play certain games. But that's a whole separate discussion. And regardless... I play a lot. Admittedly too much. 2,700,000+ kills is up there in the world ranks, not counting the bots anyway.

    Finally, please, please, PLEASE don’t misconstrue this post as a big-headed moron talking himself up. I kinda have to “brag” to get clicks in this day and age. Come get to know me, I’m not like that AT ALL. I love this game and have put a considerable amount of time into it, that much is evident. But with it doesn't come a psychotic ego. I’m a bit older than what seems to be the current crowd and along with that (generally speaking) comes a slightly more realistic/better attitude or outlook on both gaming and life in general. Take a look through some of my posts here for a relative example.

    So there ya go. You’ve read all my garbage, probably checked my profile (though I’m not sure what I’ll have logged out wearing at the time you check it, so DP might not reflect the stats I posted above) and if you’ve made it this far down the Great Walls of text, you’re probably at least somewhat interested. For that, thank you. With allllllll of that said/read, if you’d like to actually SEE some of this in action...
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  2. Noodle

    Noodle Moderator

    Jul 18, 2003
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    Feel free to embed pics or videos here, rather than using us to recruit for another site. Thanks!
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