One Last hurrah


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One Last hurrah

Build : Barb

Level : 35

Str : 110 (upped to 130)
Dext : 120

IK Guantlets
Max dmg gothic, +60
Cold Steel eye - Sheal.
String of ears
+45 max +3 ww +bo barb helms
Lance Guard sheild - Eld.

Dmg comes to about 250+ whril damage per hit(pvp) at the fastest possible rate. With maxed sword mastery, it's got pretty much a no miss situation for the critical hits as well as having the ability to smoke people with Conc at high speeds, for around 350 ish max, with the base point in it.

This is what I always wanted to build but I never had the gear or sharps to make it work. Preahaps some one would like to try this and restore my faith in the barb in it's low 30's. It will be a little light on the life how ever, seeing as that 120 dext req is quite painful, but you'll never have an AR problem, as well as the fact that you now have 20 points worth of mastery's possible criticals on your gear.

I'm sure this would work in some extent for a charger too, if not better than on a barb.


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Do you have this character now? If this is for dueling, I can donate a few sharps to the cause if this is on West. They are not great ones but better than nothing. Let me know.



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I stopped playing nearly 3 months ago. I don't plan to return unless for a special purpose, and this isn't it. ^^.

I'm just passing along knowlage.


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Well, it just so happens that I have a barb lvled to 31 with almost all skills left to use, rushed to act1 hell so far.

I was going to make him a 2H leaper, but now realize that I'd probably be smoked before I got a hit in, with all these druids and kicksins running around.

So he is idle at moment waiting, waiting for this post!

I have most of the gear on mules, but I'm just a little short in the jewel and helm (and charm of course) department. I'll buy those charms off you Terry!!
I don't have that shield, though I could probably get it for a few Pgems.

Nightshade, you mean max sword mastery, max bo for lvl, max whirlwind for lvl, rest in concentration?


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I made a very similar Level 37er that used an etheral Ginters rift. I realize that you lose some mods but you also gain 120 magic dmg. Socketed its fast as heck too.

Just some more food for thought.


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Maxed WW for the level (6..if you feel ultra lucky you can sub out the angelics for 2x soj's and a mahim oak ammy)

Maxed BO : Nothing wrong with more life.

Maxed sword mastery.

1 pt in battle command. Obvious.

If you have anything left, I suggest throwing them into conc.

A sub gear for the helmet can also be a guilmes face, it adds some crushing blow and some crit. Since he always crits, he will always take away 1/5th of an enemies life per hit in pvp. I was going to use gob toes, but then I remembered how horrible the dext req was...and how utterly crappy CB was vs PDR.

This thing is a kickasn's nightmare. Not only does he do more damage per hit, he's un interuptable and very fast. If she runs, she's slowed. If she stands to fight, she'll be tanking ww's faster than she can block. If you run low on mana, start bashing her face in via conc.

I'd love to pit my old druid against it and see how it faired. I think the druid might win but I don't really know. Vs most of the 2h'ed ones out there (I don't think there are alot of crush wolves running around, are there?) You'd eat them alive with no effort.

Chargers would be a problem...Landing a good thwack will hurt quite a bit...but WW away from him and it aught to catch him off guard. A volley of 6 per pass 200 dmg slices tend to cut pala's down. He swings at about 10 fps so that's a good 2 attacks per second.


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Cool, thx.

What about IK gauntlets, boots and belt.
For 25%ias, +2 combat skills, 125 ar, 225 defense, (belt giving 25 str, some lr and fr instead of SOE's %dr). Edit: Or maybe scratch that, waterwalk boots are probably better for the dex.

I suppose on switch, I'll use my 2x resonant throwing spears.