One-Handed Fury Druid


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One-Handed Fury Druid

I've always gone with the tried and trusted 2-handed Druid and decided to try out a one-handed build in HC.

I had some pretty good items on my mules to base the character around and designed the build with the equipment in mind. Seeing as the damage output would be significantly less than a 2-hander, the character revolves around milking as much Deadly Strike/Crushing Blow/Open Wounds as humanly possible, while maintaining a respectable Blockrate.

Using Razors Edge(100-175 damage) I'm getting:

-80% Deadly Strike

-50% Crushing Blow

-100% Open Wounds

-60% Blockrate(more with added Dex)

The rest of my current equipment is:

-Gulliames Face
-Gore Riders
-Laying of Hands
-Nosterfaru Coil
-Crafted Ammy(+1Druid skill 19% resist all)
-Manald Ring
-Rare Ring(8% Life Leech and resists)

The character is going pretty well in Hell and can take down mobs solo even with several other players in the game. I was wondering what other equipment I should be looking at using? I'm going to get a Raven Frost soon and was thinking of possibly ditching the Manald/Nos. Coil in favour of Mav Belt to get Mana Leech and Faster RW.

Any suggestions? (No...I don't have Highlords)


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Yeah I'd ditch the Manald for Ravenfrost and grab either Mav's Belt or, better, Wilhelm's (set piece along with Guillaume's Face).

Your armor could be improved, but it should work for now. Lionheart is a good, cheap alternative.

Looks pretty good! Good luck!


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The character was going really well in Hell and could tank fairly comfortably in 8 player games. The Deadly Strike/Crushing Blow made a huge difference, while the 100% Open Wounds was less noticable. Being actually able to block for a change was a welcome novelty, although the block animation seemed to take forever. Blocking comes into it's own when fighting slow-hitting bosses.

I reached lvl.80 and did a couple of Hell Meph runs quite easily. I'd get him down to 20% under 20 seconds, TP and finish him off with MF gear on. This was working great until:

I started a game, found the stairs, ran past Bremm's boys on into the left room. There were around 8 vamps with a nasty aura(forget which) and the unique monster. I chopped down a couple and started whacking their boss, who I noticed was Fire Enchanted. This didn't particularly worry me as I had killed FE uniques in Hell before without taking a scratch and had 2600 life and 60 Fire Resist.

He exploded.

My Merc and summons died instantly and I got taken down to 20% life. I exclaimed "WTF!?!?" in an over-loud voice and hit a rejuv. At this stage I realise I have no more rejuvs. I assessed the situation and retreated to the wall, weighing up my options. With half a dozen vamps flying at me I decided the best would be to quit.

I hit Alt+F4 which inexplicable caused the game to minimise...:(


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Up until VERY recently, I was going one handed with a lightsabre and tiamats rebuke (pdiamond in it). It worked out ok. Now I have a windhammer on switch. When I need resists (specially lightning) I go one hand...Plain damage and carnage = windhammer. Windhammer + gore riders and carrion wind = good. With fury, there are twisters everywhere, really fun in mobs even if the twisters kinda suck.


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Sorry to hear about the death of your druid Squatdog... i am a softcore player, and i must attest that even in softcore the FE bug is more than annoying... and even worse is that the bug is even stronger in Nightmare than in Hell difficulty, and Blizzard still doesn´t want to do a server side patch about it... (btw the hell one originally did 6times more dmg... crazy.. that one was server side patched and is still way too powerfull).


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This isn't the first time it's happened either...

I had a lvl86 2handed Druid with near-perfect upgraded Ribcracker, Reapers Toll on Merc, 50/75/75/30 resists in Hell etc.

I started doing Baal runs in a group and it went fairly smoothly. I'd done 3 and on the 4th one went by quickly until only Lister was left(with half health). I ran up and helped finish him off until...BOOM!!!

He exploded, killed my Druid, another 8x Druid and a lvl92 Barb!

What I still can't understand is how the death was instantaneous instead of making the Druid transform.