Once more with feeling! Angel, 1.09 Level 99 Meteor Sorc i


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Once more with feeling! Angel, 1.09 Level 99 Meteor Sorc

Well I finally managed to avoid the distractions of 1.10 long enough to complete the journey of Angel the Sorceress to level 99 in the 1.09 patch. With Ryondaahl away, the motivation sagged a bit, and she probably took the longest of my characters to get from 98 to 99.

For those keeping count at home, that's 4 of 7 completed on this wacky mission of mine (completed to date: Amazon, Assassin and Paladin).



Angel was built according to Zharous' classic 1.09 Damage Reduction / Block meteor sorceress guide. She's the carpet bomber in group of seven. Basic cow killing approach is pretty simple:

1. Teleport to cow.
2. Cast meteor
3. Cast static 2 or 3 times
4. Watch meteor land, wipe out cows
5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 as necessary.
6. Teleport to next cow.

She was quite reckless at times, particularly when under the inflluence of an experience shrine, fearlessly teleporting right into the middle of packs. I'd have to down a red potion every so often, but I rarely took damage fast enough to be in any danger. (Exception was the one and only Baal run I tried at level 98 - where I forgot about the Fire Immune Unfreezable Unchillable Unslowable Frenzutaurs...).

As usual, a shout out to all the 1.09 cow game regulars, D2addict, Jbbto, Phylogen, NSZ, Serdash, and Ryondaahl. Angel would also like to thank Artemis the zon, who tirelessly opened the red portal for her after Angel accidently killed the king with an errant meteor somewhere in the late 80s.



Level 99 Sorceress


Str: 133 (177 after items)
Dex: 230 (237)
Vit: 10 (42)
Ene: 212 (234)

Life: 684
Mana: 1298

Resists (in cow killing gear): -50 / 10 / 55 / -50

I had enough strength to wield a Hel'd Stormshield, and enough dex for 75% block. Since sorcs only get 2 life per vitality point, I opted to leave vitality at base, and get all my life from equipment. (according to ATMA my naked life would 198!).


Meteor: 20 (36)
Fire Mastery 20 (36)
Firewall: 11 (27)

Frozen Orb 20 (30)

Charged Bolt 15 (25)

The points in Charged Bolt were invested when I though Angel was going to be a tri-sorc. I switched to Firewall when I realized I might as well take advantage of the maxed Fire Mastery and the +16 to fire skills.


(Her cow running gear - for questing I opted for less skills and higher resists)

The Occulus
Styx' Harlequin Crest
Stormshield (Hel)
Skullder's Ire
War Traveler
2 x Stone of Jordan / Crafted caster amulet (+2 sorc skills, 10% faster cast)
Crafted caster belt (5% faster cast, mana)

Charms: 5 Fire skills charms (including one found on her 3rd to last cow run), lots of small charms of Vita (8 x 20 life, 1 x 19 life, 1 x 15 life), 2 lightning resist grand charms, and several lightning resist small charms.

Extra special shout out to Tentpeg aka X Factor. He held a huge "I'm finished with 1.09 giveaway." I asked for a couple of SoJs and some fire charms- he sent me practically an entire meteor sorc on a mule (rings, charms, shield, Harley etc etc).

Next up: Destruction the frernzy barb (currently 91), who thankfully can open his own cow portal... (no more map rerolls!).



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Holy crap Icebird - AMAZING! Four 99s?!?!

u r teh l337!11one!!

The highest I ever achieved was 91 - I simply can't imagine the patience and work it takes to do what you've done. :worship:

Thanks for sharing, and best of luck with Destruction :thumbsup:


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Wow! Great job! :worship:
I haven't gotten even one 99, even in bnet .09 when 99.9999999999999999999999999% of all games were cow games .. In fact, my best was a pathetic 94 ...


Gratz Icebird :thumbsup: as I stated in another thread directed at D2 I miss cows (I remember participating in a few with my 1.09 Zealot) - almost enough to dual install it!

Another :claps: for your achievement of 4/7 - and wish you the best of luck!


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IIRC Icebird is the master of 35%+ ED jewels. ;P

Grats Ice. I hope to follow up with a 99 thread of my own sometime in the near future.

Igor Potapov

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Congratulations, Icebird!
I leveled a sorc to lvl99 in 1.09 and really now how much patience it took for you to level to 99 FOUR characters!

You rock! Go Go! :worship:


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Congrats Icebird! That is far more patience then I ever have, or will.

Nice to know some of the old cow crew is still playing.



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:surprise: :surprise:
You're nuts!
(Tries to hide his almost-made-it-to-level-84 highest character)


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Wow. That's all I can think of right now. What a huge achievement, gratz :thumbsup:

:worship: :worship: :worship: <-- just for good measure


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Well done Chris :D

One of these days I'll have to bring Polgara back into the 1.09 MP scene to edge her upwards of the 94 she's been at for months!


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Wow! Congratulations on getting a 4th level 99 character! I don't think I could ever manage one personally.

OT, but as a Buffy/Angel fan, I love your thread title and character name! :)


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Good finds? Got the Cow King's Horns on the run that got me to 3.5 billion. There might have been a couple of items that dropped in MP games which I already had. The cow runs have been better for charms and jewels that anything else. Between my various characters, I've collected two Ruby Jewels of Fervor (40% ED and 37% ED), numerous other ED jewels, lots of skill charms, all of the Small Charms of Vita and so on.

Icy: Heh. Didn't even realise the connection till you pointed it out. That was a great Buffy episode by the way.

Spike (singing) "First I'll save her then I'll kill her"
Willow (singing): "I think this line's mostly filler"



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wow.......4 LEVEL 99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thats amazing....i'm not even close to one

great job, huge accomplishment Chris

:clap: :worship:

BTW since you did that many cow runs...did you find any Ethereal Archon Staff for my BoTD? :lol: sorry couldn't resist asking