on screen message when playing


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on screen message when playing

hi all

i have just been playing a game on b/net and this message appeared.....'2032 stone of jordan sold to merchants'. can anybody explain what this message means..thx.


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try searching for "diablo clone" on these forums. that will give you thousands of threads with info of what/when/how/why etc ;)

To explain it a little brief just to tease your interest...
Basically, its a counter. When that counter of sold sojs hit a specific number (nobody knows which), the diablo clone will spawn. If you manage to kill him, he will drop the unique small charm "the annihilus", which has the following stats:
+1 to all skills
+(10-20) to all resistances
+(10-20) to all stats
+(5-10)% experience gained

Edit: Krischan, its not that. You are getting older :howdy:


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If you are lucky, further messages of that kind will appear. If it's a hell game, it might be followed by "Diablo walks the earth", upon which the Diablo clone will replace the next super-unique monster (those which always have the same name) to be generated by the game which depends on where you or other players will go. If you manage to kill him, he will drop an Annihilus charm.

Good luck !

Edit: Hmm, others have been quicker than me, probably because I'm watching Star Wars on TV in parallel :lol:


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if only i had looked

thx gents for the replys.....i guess i should have looked at other posts on this forum for i have found the information that i needed now.

if i see the message..'diablo walks the earth' then i think my hardcore amazon had better watchout for she has virtualy no residences yet to take him on.