on-line /commands


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on-line /commands

Is there a complete listing of all /<command> one can use in the D2Lod dialog screen (like /help, /fps, /w, /f etc) somewhere?


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it shows all the commands on the back of your D2 and D2X booklet. (not the one in the cd casing, the one you left in box, which you probably through away)


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iirc, there is an ingame "/help" command, from which you can find most things out


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my favorite is


i cant stand it when i try to attack while my mouse is over any of the hundreds of pieces of junk on the gound in baals throneroom. /nopickup allows your mouse click to carry out what you intended. to pick something up, i just hold down show items, and click on what i want to grab (since i do that anway).


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Yup. I would love to have a setting to make /nopickup the default behaviour. I allways forget this and end up cleaning my inventory from 2 Quivers of Bolts, a magic crossbow and a ethereal breast plate :lol: