On joining MP games...


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On joining MP games...

when joining an MP game from the MP games thread, is there a particular protocal? What I mean is, is there a particular etiquette to be followed? should you try to stick with the party? who gets the drops? is it bad form to slow things down to open chests, pick up gold, etc? is it typical to rush through Act 1 normal just to move on, ignoring anything not essential for doing so? is twinking accepted or should this be approved before hand?


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normally when I mp I party with everyone that way you all share the xp, and as far as chest and what not. if your not getting attacked by monsters open them.
I allways open and look for arrows, if I find sometime that looks good I stash it and bring back to town and dump on the ground with everyone eles's finds... I think if you bust open a good find, then you got first grabs on it. Mostly running cows at a high player level i dont have time to stop and look just fight... look later.... mp is a lot of fun... good luck... thanks for asking.


edit: if your party needs help thats why its a party :scratch:

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I think it somewhat depends on whos game you join, but generally most people in the forums have the same morals, game-wise, and if the host has a problem with something (twinking, breaking away, rushing) they'll let you know. Generally the only thing I do the same every game is make sure everyone gets introduced when a new player comes, by forum name, and I like to know where people live and what their pings are so I can try to host better.
its generally accepted that you drop all your items your waring, let otehrs use them, and then you have to run around naked (in game, not in real life of course) and get laughed at by the others. after about 1 hour of you rnning awy from everything, they give you a cracked sash and tell you to be grateful.
not doing this will often result in them informing everyone hear of your aweful crime, then you are shunned for all eternity.
or something liek that...


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Farting Bob --> :lol::lol::lol:

To the question.

Treat others as you would like to be treated :) and you will be fine.


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[email protected] Bob, stop picking on the poor Beachbabe!

I generally go with the Host, as i think its courtesy to let the host lead (after all, they has just had the decency to let you play using their computer, so its fair) but that is just me. Generally, just go with your wants (and especially with your morals), but don't EG kill mephisto for an MF run in someones act 3 hell game