On A Quest To Imbue! [More Inside]


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On A Quest To Imbue! [More Inside]

So I was cruisin' thru the Druid Forum looking for tips on weapons for a Fury Druid. Then while playing I come across not one, but TWO ethereal Crystal Swords, one superior (+10%/+10%). So I was thinking..."Hmmm...what if Charsi can make these into some pretty nice rares that I can upgrade into Phase Blades..."

So my question for you guys is..
What is the best level to imbue to get good mods on my sword? And should I even try with the swords?


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You can't upgrade a normal item, so you must imbue before you upgrade.
Superior weapons cannot be imbued IIRC.

I don't think difficulty makes a difference, but I know your character level does. Not sure exactly what level character you should imbue with, but probably the highest level characters you have.


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level 80+should give you access to all the higher end mods you would want. Difficulty doesn't matter, only level of item and your level.



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Check the Statistics forum... Iirc, I've seen a list of the mods go round there not too long ago, though that might've been lower level only.

If you can't find the info, you can always ask the crew there - they'll most likely can tell you the exact best level and the odds of getting what you want too ;)

(As long as you tell them -what- you want =)