OMG, massive OTF event!


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OMG, massive OTF event!

The Firefox leaky memory sticky has been unstuck! Wow, it seems so bare without it. Even though I remember back when it wasn't there, I got really used to it.


This calls for beer!!! :jig: :flip:

*cracks beer, looks around for pretzels and hawt babes*

What can I say Dondrei, you inspire me to drink.

I did notice that the sticky was gone.


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Excuses to drink are never necessary...especially when the entire country shuts down tomorrow.


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Well, here they are implementing a massive traffic violation crackdown, called "Operation: Slowdown". They gave out over 60,000 tickets during last year's operation, expecting more this year. I literally saw two dozen people pulled on one 3-mile stretch, compared to the normal 4-5.

Really, really bad time to be drinking.
Now that that sticky is gone, it's really throwing me off. I used to automatically move my eyes down three threads, so now I end up skipping the the third thread entirely...

Lord Nyax

Fine, keep your stupid secrets. They smell anyways.

BTW, I'm looking at that woman pimp in your 'tar...her legs are a bit...erm...twisted. She's probably not human...
Dondrei is endorsing robot women