Omg Best Post Evar!!!


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Omg Best Post Evar!!!

Now that i've been an ass and stolen your attention... ;)

... I'm having some problems with GW.

I have a lvl 20 w/mo (got to lvl 20 and ring of fire in 4 days...gogo 14 hour averages). While it certainly was entertaining while it was fresh, I find myself getting bored now. I already have the best gear in the game on him... in 4 days!!!

The game is all about ease of getting whatever you need and then dueling, but the dueling certainly doesn't hold a candle to hc dueling, it just doesn't give me the same excitement. The problem I have is that I WANT to grind, I WANT to spend days upon weeks mfing. I love doing that in Diablo. I also WANT to never achieve the max lvl, I want something to keep playing for, to mf for hours and then notice with a smile that my exp bar moved a bit, stuff like that.

I've tried making new characters... I have a lvl 11 e/n, a lvl 7 r/w, and a lvl 9 mo/me... I wind up not playing them because for some reason running through the same things is boring me.

So... is anyone else experiencing this problem? I bought 2 copies of gw already... so my lil bro and I can play together, and now I feel as though I wasted 90 bucks.

What about WoW? I don't know much about it but it seems to offer some of the things GW is missing for me, namely more time required to perfect a character (I know I've been lucky with my w/mo, but I've unlocked most of the runes with him, he has very nice gear after just that 4 days of initial play :( ).

I've been messing around in sc dueling after experiencing awful lag at my new house... Losing both my mf sorcs and a lld to "omg the screen won't move"-lag kinda upsets me. Yet sc is boring, we all know that...and hc dueling with this lag is really out of the question...

What should I do?
Please don't tell me its time to concentrate on not being a lazy nerd and doing something in real life... that would be too scary!



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WoW for the win.

Like grinding? Try out MC or Onyxia to run them over and over for that .01% drop.

It's impossible to hit the max level in WoW in four days.

Amazing Graphics.

Awesome PvP-Battlegrounds was just released.

8 different races and 9 different classes for your unique character!

and much, much more!

...I feel like a commercial...

On a more serious note, WoW really is an awesome game. I've had it for about 3 months and my highest character is only 38. Just started a gnome rogue named Winkles though :)

The best way to find out is by trying it. Maybe one of your friends has it?


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PawnOfChaos said:
The game is all about ease of getting whatever you need and then dueling, but the dueling certainly doesn't hold a candle to hc dueling, it just doesn't give me the same excitement.
If you want to duel more for the fun of risking losing a character and not so much for the skill involved you should take up gambling. It's the same sort of thrill, only the rewards are much higher when you win.


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Spend n hours building/accumulating gear for dueler. If you could have earned wage x, that's xn$ you could have earned working instead. Now, when you lose your dueler, it's like losing xn$ worth of time. If you had spent the time mfing for itams at work instead and devoted the earned xn$ purely to the casino you would equally be out xn$, so you see, the losses are EXACTLY THE SAME.

However it is my experience that making an ear drop is right on par with the immediate fun of having won a large bet...the difference is that after that fun has passed with the casino path you have a large amount of extra cash to continue to make you have fun with, whereas with the doolar all you've got is an ear.

Obviously craps is a much saner hobby than D2 ^_^


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MoUsE_WiZ said:
Obviously craps is a much saner hobby than D2 ^_^
Card counting blackjack for teh win!

No, really, try WoW I say.
Its hard to return to diablo once WoW takes a hold.
Make heaps of characters and use rest bonus to your advantage (all my characters earn double exp all the time).

I'd much rather do an instance run or two then do 100 hell meph or baal runs, that's for sure.
HC Dueling was the only thing holding me to D2, but with all the cheaters out there, the force keeping me there has waned substantially, especially since WoW.


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I have derived a lot of pleasure from Guild Wars by simply slowing down. I'll chat with friends there and do a quest or two, then get off. I mean, it's not like I have a busy schedule or anything, but if I just spend an hour, maybe two play Guild Wars, I find I enjoy it a lot more. I only have a level 8(.8) E/Me so far.. and I'm having loads of fun meeting new people to play with and meeting new monsters to kill.

In my opinion, it's less like Diablo II than WoW, which is why many people here might like WoW better, but I think Guild Wars reminds me of my DnD days.. I just love it up. They call it Roleplay for a reason... I think roleplaying quests is hilariously entertaining. All it takes is a good group of people.