OMG Best hour Mfing ever


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OMG Best hour Mfing ever

If this kind of luck could hold I'd be so rich.

Decided to do some NM Shenk/Eldritch runs while waiting for my friends to get online. Rockstopper drops. Woohoo!!

Buddy gets online so I bring BO barb online on other PC for Andy hell runs. He tele's down to Andy. First run Unique Wrist Sword :D
Second run is his drop, he nearly dies and Fluxes just in time... I kill Andy and.... Unique Grim Helm... OMG.... we be hot tonight..... Just met this guy online and he was amazed I gave him his drop, especially a Gaze.

Next couple runs suck, some Amn's. He has to go. So I start showing my newbie friend (recently got most of my real world friends addicted to this game MUWAHAHAHHAAH) how to run Eldritch and Shenk. First run in NM 7% SMFC. Man, I can't believe this. So i trade the charm for a Titans for his zon and call it a night. Guess it'll be a thousand years before I have another hour of luck like this.

Guess I need to go make an assn for my bartucs and jade talon now :)


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Great streak of luck, Killer! ;)

Mind if I ask how much mf you're using? All my NM Etlich/Shenk/Pindle runs have dropped only yellow so far. a Spectral Shard the other night. :p


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20 Meph runs

Crown or Theives
3 Tals masks
Ik Glooves
(2) belts
5 sets of Bloodfists (some llder will need rm)
Gheeds 39%
Tals ammmy

That was 20 runs on Sunday, should of never stopped but we had plans!


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I had zero MF on Shenk and zero on Andy when the Vamp dropped. Sorc had 149 when getting kill on Andy for the Wrist Sword. Ahh forgot, also got a Crown of Thieves on like the 5th or 6th run from Andy. I can't wait to get home tonight and try it again. Been doing pit runs following my Trapsassin friend and horking all the bodies with about 200 mf and have found nothing, not many runs down there yet though. But I think Andariel is my new favorite friend.

Oh yeah, just before the 7smfc dropped I gambled a Saracens Chance with 24 all resists. Should have kept MFing and stuff with luck running so hot last night, but my sorc buddy said his dad was "coming up". LMAO. I assume he spends too much time playing silly computer games. These kids today.....