Oldschool lancer revived?

Oldschool lancer revived?

How does this sound for pvp (I've tested it on open and hell is a cakewalk with no charms), I realize a s/s or zerk/s would probably be better but I like 2 handers, and a eth botd tmaul has about 15 more max then a war pike, same speed, and 2 less range, plus it looks ***, and a shield won't really help you against a wwbarbs biggest problem (casters, smiters), basically I'm getting nostalgic for a lancer :(

Eth BoTD War Pike
Chains of Honor (probably in Archon, Shadow Plate is my favorite looking but it's just too much strength, and I don't really want to tele with a melee char, I'd rather rely on skill)
Verdungo's Hearty Cord
Arreat's Face(possibly Ber, the upgraded defense is not worth it to me)
Steelrend (other possibility would be Dracul's, what do you guys recommend?)
Gore Riders (Upgraded is too much strength I think)
2 Raven Frosts for the attack rating
Highlord's Wrath (Other option might be Metalgrid, but I like the deadly strike a lot)
Switch - 2 Echos, maybe demon limb for ar

Charms would be Annihilus, +max, ar, life, and maybe a couple mastery charms I have lying around, and a couple poison (under 300 probably)

Stats would be basic, I'm not going with the gear from +stats on my items, because I want people to see my gear
str - enough to use gear, which would probably be my armor or lance, so 165 or 196 if I use this sup hellforge I have lying around
dex - going to need 106 to use war pike >.< not that much of a sacrifice since I need AR anyway
vit - the rest, I'm looking at about 3xx at level 90 or so

Skills would be WW build
20 ww
20 spear mastery
20 bo
20 shout
3 in nat resists (125 in hell before nat resists, so I'd need level 9, so level 3 base.
Rest into Iron Skin, I'm basically relying a lot on 15kish defense to help me against most melee, I realize against a high ar 50% dr/block melee I will be at a big disadvantage but I guess I'll have to learn to use range 5 again.
Any comments and suggestions would be great, I'd have to mf a lot to get all this gear together.

Cloud Strife

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with a barb like that, i'd say about 15k AR and 6k life will allow you to kill like 95% of casters (assuming u have high dmg)

but why spear mastery? If ur using a TMaul, wouldn't that be mace mastery?


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He's using a spear, not maul.

Think you probably want to look at the r/w breakpoints and load r/w charms. Melee w/o tele is gonna need to run FAST.
I really don't see how to get that much ar without angelic though.
I made this char on open with nearly full 3/20/20 and it only had about 11k ar.
5k ish life, and I don't have access to those on ladder, damage will be about 10k+
I think this will be more of a test of skill than my wind druid, maybe I'll have some challenge dueling without tele or a shield :lol:

Edit: Due to the absurd price of steelrend I'm going to go dracul, the OW will probably be better against casters anyway.


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Comments: go Ghost Spear or Great Poleaxe, but no War Pike, you want to get to the last breakpoint for WW in order to really score big dmg/get more opportunities to actually hit...

Edit: for the AR go either Angelic´s like you said(it is a need if you plan to do some BvB, and sometimes vs *defiance* paladins) or get a buckload of steel charms... with that kind of dmg on the weapon i think that you will only need to warrant a hit with those steel charms over the typical 3/20/20.


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well yeah, with gear like that any barb build would do well :teeth:
nah seriously, have u tested it with a gosht spear or great poleaxe too? i think those are a bit fast and more dam but im not sure about that, further it looks really viable and a casters nightmare in my eyes... just the ones i like :drool:


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is your barb for pvp or pvm? in pvp your going to want a shield or u will most likely get owned most of the time. with out the shield theres no 75% chance block. i don't think 15k def is enough to better your chances of not getting hit. my barb currently has 27k ar and 27k def.


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mmm old school barbs. :clap: Any old schoolers remember the ol'zon killer build? I remember everyone wanting Blinkbat armor, treads, and the old duped crown. (i forgot the name)
I'm just a big fan of the pike look. I want to make a barb like this too.
still don't know if I'll use a great poleaxe, or war pike or ghost spear. yeah yeah, WW break points or one thing, but dmg and look are another.
I'll prolly go with first eth one I find. :flip: