Oldbie/Newbie Q's


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Oldbie/Newbie Q's

Hi all. Was rummaging through some moving boxes from 2001 and lo and behold, my Diablo II (non-expansion) box appeared before my eyes! Been tooling around in both single-player and Bnet for a couple months. My (awesome) GF, out of the blue and after seeing me enjoying the game, bought me the Battleset. :thumbup:

My main chars are a Pally and a Necro, been playing with an Assassin a bit and just rolled up a Sorc today.

At any rate, I have a few questions, it's kind of a laundry list. I searched here and the wiki and didn't find some of the answers; no doubt my search-fu is weak. Any and all answers/advice are greatly appreciated! :yes:

1. Do gemmed MF helms and armor work with mercs? Do they have to make the kill or does it just all add up together, say if you're playing solo with a merc?

2. Are there still active guilds/clans around? Are there any links to a list of them or something?

3. Do Necro curses stack? Or does casting a new one eliminate the old one? I thought I read somewhere about how Attract could not be overridden and wondered if there were other curses like that.

4. Is there any defense vs. the Unraveller dark antimatter tarballs or is an end-around of their minions basically your only option if you're playing a melee-type character?

5. Crafted/runeword items. Seems I read somewhere that they had to be magical items and read somewhere else they needed to be grey-titled items?

6. Finally, are there any Excel sheets out there that show skill progressions, boss monster info, item info and all that kind of stuff? These 40-something eyes can't readily make out some of the info in the strategy guide that came with the battlepack. Any links would be helpful!

Again, thanks for your time and any and all advice/help!
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Re: Oldbie/Newbie Q's

I'll answer what I can and leave the more advanced stuff to more experienced folks here...

1. with MF on the merc ... the merc has to make the kill - your MF is added to his, but their MF is not added to yours.

2. I have no idea - I do know there are active clans, but don't know who they are or how to get in touch with them.

3. necro curses (along with barb debuffs) do not stack. There is effectively one "head slot" for a debuff (stun doesnt count against this). once a bad guy has attract - thats all he's got - no other debuffs from curses or shouts.

4. no idea.

5. there are 2 things happening here. (A) runewords: must be placed into gray items with sockets. you cannot make a runeword from a blue or better item. (B) crafted items must start with a blue item.

6. i dont know if these are updated ... but
has monster info in the monster tab and details about the skills as well.


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Re: Oldbie/Newbie Q's

1. yes but only if the merc gets the killing blow (merc mf + your mf)


3. curses do not stack only one can be applied at a time, but different auras do stack (with similar auras the highest lvl one is used)

4. unholy bolt? it run over a corpse to re-animate it

5. crafteds require a magic (blue) base item, perfect gem and any jewel (rare, magic or unique will work)
runewords require a normal (gray item, can be superior) with the correct number of sockets
name will be gold (similar to uinques) but is still treated a normal item

6. classic.battle.net has most of that kind of info

skill charts

some superuniqe monsters are missing, but all bosses are there


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Re: Oldbie/Newbie Q's

These 40-something eyes can't readily make out some of the info in the strategy guide that came with the battlepack.
That Strategy guide is pretty much completely useless for the current game - it's based on v1.07, and of course QUITE a bit has changed since then.