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Hello fellow etf members. I have some useful stuff for trade. Just hint me your offer and I'm sure we can make a deal.
I accept mostly runes (+I'd prefer muletrade).

Charms and jewelry:

-The eye of etlich amu 4%ll
-10%eg sc *2
-7%mf sc
-6%mf sc
-Druid ele skiller gc


-0os eth Colossus Voulge
-Non eth Bonehew 314ed
-Titans non eth 198ed 5%ll
-6os PB
-3os CB
-Baranar's Star
-Demon Limb 229ed 11ll
-Bing Sz Wang *2
-Witchwild String 160ed
-Blade of Ali Baba


-Homunculus unid.
-Razortail 131ed
-Magefist 27ed
-Shaftstop 196ed
-Vipermagi [email protected] mdr 12
-Demonhorn's Edge 127ed, 6ll, 3warc, 2 mast, 1comb
-Rockstopper 24cr, 27lr, 34 fr 197ed
-4os Dusk 457def

Set items:

-Laying of hands
- Trang-Oul's shield and gloves
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Interested in your chance guards.

Are you looking for pgems/mid runes or do you want something more serious for them?


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Gheeds 40%mf + 15 redu. gc

Im very interested in that, but Not sure what such nice rolled gheeds costs?

I have Ist but thats probably not enough. Got tons of pgems as well but not really other valuable runes however for now, ill update this fact changes.


EDIT: t4t :)
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Hey :) No worries for the delay. I'll be out of town this weekend,so I'm in no hurry.
A friend of mine is interested in the Baranar's star and Demon Limb for his frenzy barbarian, so I'd love those two aswell :)