Ok, some ias question on kicker


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Ok, some ias question on kicker

I've read the ias tables, but i got some doubt...

I want to make a kicker using a phase blade last wish, and i want to hit the fastest frame break using no burst of speed... Here is my doubt:

i searched the ias tables in this forum and found:

Using a phase blade (wsm -30) and no BoS, i'll need 46 ias to hit the fastest frame break (initial kick)... Since i'll use a rw weapon (last wish) there is no way i could get this ias on the weapon... So, i'll have to use some ias gear (gloves, armor, ...). My question is: I'll need 46 ias on other gear parts or, i'll need 46 eias? In that case, i'll need some 76 ias on gear???

Another question: If its only 46 ias, will 45 do the job, or i'll need some 50 ias???



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The IAS needed is the normal IAS, including all equipment slots (except for on the secondary claw... but you are going weapon/shield, so there is no difference there).

The 46 is a minimum. The only way to hit full speed is with 50 (not 45).