ok pindels gettin better last 2 drops:facet,trang belt ifr


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And that would matter to the Sorceress forum how?

Not to knock on the thread, but why not explain your Sorceresses equipment, Pindle strategies and highlight some dangerous Pindle situations?

The way I teleport up to Pindle is quite simple, direct teleport and then walk back just a bit to let my merc tank the first charge hits that may come. Since I usually play a Blizzard sorc, I can easily score hits on Pindle if he dares charge.



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we need an MF-Forum, this is senseless.
We all know that MFing for good items takes time time time time time and luck. thats ALL there is about. there's no secret NOTHING. So please people, its nice that you find good stuff and such and want to share it, but at least bring some Sorc-content into it! :D


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I seem to remember there being a thread "post your MF findings here", why not use a thread like that for all bragging on the findings? Would make sense that way...