ok, made a Vindicator/Savior


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ok, made a Vindicator/Savior

instead of adding 20 life sc's, I'm thinking of adding a bunch of 100 psn damage sc's with 15+ life each.

I'm trying to balance how many sc's I have with life and how many combats I have (none of my combats have life, YET)

for a vindicator/savior build, the only thing that benifits from the + combat charms is smite and charge...but I'm wondering is it better to give up a few (and go with like 4 combat gc's) and have a ton of life/psn charms instead?

resists are'nt a consideration, as they're maxed like crazy

what do you think?

this is a bm pally, so bm isn't a consideration

trying to figure a balance between combats and sc's is something I haven't been able to test enough,

thx for helping in advance