OK I need help or something...


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OK I need help or something...

Making an axe WW barb and he's 68 now. He has doom Zaxe, guardian naga, arreats, highlords, IK glove, IK belt, gorerider, manald and ravenfrost ring. Maxed WW (28), BO, mastery. 2165 life with BO. 945-2667/669-1467 WW.

My problem is that he's in act 1 hell and having trouble killing even den monsters :( What's going on? Should i try to get death and botd axes? Help...


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Well i assume you are dual wielding and though Doom is a nice axe, Guardian Naga isn't. Even with a sheal it won't hit lwwp and both weapons have to hit lwwp for optimum results. According to your state of finances here are some options to improve on Guardian Naga:

1) Upped 190ed+ shael Butcher's Pupil Small Crescent
2) Ethereal 'Oath' Elite axe
3) EBOTD Zerker
4) 'Beast' Zerker
5) 'Grief' Zerker with >34ias spawn (War Axe/Naga could work in PvM but slightly less dmg)
6) Death Cleaver Zerker
7) Nice high ed/ias elite rare axes

'Death' r/w isn't recommended as it has no ias and hence could not hit lwwp :( Lastly 68 is a tad low to start hell - maybe lvl till early 70s? Do all outstanding quests like Izual, Anya and Lem Esem so your skills are buffed up and vita is higher. Cheers :D


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You probably shouldnt need doom for pvm, its only advantage vs other high end weapons is the mass slow from holy freeze. Try tradeing it away and getting two of the axes batuchka mentioned.

Grief/beast combo will give you the most damage/ar