Ok for all u people who find stuff at pindel how much mf do you have?


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Well, I've found a Tomb Reaver with 130ish MF in two runs, and today I've found a Death's Touch with 483MF (Merc 72MF) in 30 runs. Which tells me that I need persistence and luck.

Snarlin Stef

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Xxsla_yerxX said:
i have 555 and dun get didly...
i have over 700 MF...the first week i started with this sorc she was on fire... she found TONS... IK, TALS, Deaths fathom.. bla bla..

now she finds crap... but REALLY REALLY RARE crap..
uniq glorious axe
eaarth shifter (thundermaul )
BK set...

rare stuff but not stuff anyone wants.


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Snarlin Stef said:
i have over 700 MF...
...Not to say that you need that much.

To the thread creator: 555 mf? I have less (530 or so) and I have found TONS at pindle. In just 3 days I have been able to find Death's Web, Unique Fanged Knife, 2 Stone Crushers, Dracul's Grasp, Gris Helm, Aldur's armor, Bul Kathos' Tribal Guardian, Trang Helm, Harlequin Crest Shako, HoZ, Messerschmidts Reaver, Alma Negra, and Medusa's Gaze. There might be a few more items but you get the idea.

Pindle will (for me) drop a good item every **EDIT** 20-200 runs... Sometimes he's more generous than he is at other times, but even when he's not he shouldn't require too much patience.

Another thing: It takes me 20-30 seconds to complete a Pindle run. And by that, I mean create the game, kill pindle, exit, and start a new game - loading screen times included. So killing him fast is a good idea, too.

I'm a pure blizz sorc so i have a might merc to take him out for me when hes immune to cold. It all works out great in the end.

Well I think I've rambled for long enough. Good luck mf'ing!


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MFing at pindle is all about persistence, just a when you go MFing areas like Pit, mausoleum, ancient tunnels.
You wont get drops like you get from Mephi, but you will eventually get some really good drops since Pindle and the monsters in those areas can drop anythign in the game 8)

2 times he dropped laquered plate and sacred armor last night, but unlucky both were rare ;)

Areas and Pindle take time to reap some value. 50 pindle runs yesterday 2 uniques. ;) Last week 10 uniquees, 2 great sets. see?

EDIT: my MF is around 520.


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is running pindle even worth it with about 200 mf...... im not rich at all and thats how much mf i have.... will i find any good stuff off of him with 200 mf or just be wasting my time?


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Guys, MFing is just like buying lottery tickets (well, except for the part about diminishing returns). You can buy 400 lottery tickets and not win the grand prize while your neighbour buys one ticket and he wins a billion dollars (in d2, this will be lets say an IK armor). It's not like there's anything special about his ticket, or if he cheated or not, but it's because he was lucky.

So who cares how many lottery tickets you buy. Yes, it will raise your chances (but not a lot), but it's really how lucky you are.

So just keep buying those lottery tickets (or keep MFing), and you'll eventually win.