OK, call me chicken ...


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OK, call me chicken ...

... but I admit: I'm afraid of the ancients.

A while back I started my first 1.10 character, and my first hardcore character. Conqueror Artmeis, a freezeazon, has done quite well, reaching level 85 and the ancients way waypoint. Untwinked, too, although she has built a nice stash from which she swaps items from time to time - mostly for questing vs. MFing, plus the occasional upgrade. She's been idly item hunting in between developing my 2nd HC (destroyer Shiva the trapsin, now lvl 47). But the itch is there ... I want to try it ... but I don't want to die! Ack!

I agonize: what strategy will work? Should I carry an extra charm or two, or full rejuvs, in those precious few inventory slots? Does that shaftstop belong on me or my merc? Grrr ...

I predict that one day soon, I'll be posting either a Guardian intro, or a eulogy.
anyway, i find for a character like zons, you need to find out the immunties of the ancients first. do this without dyign. if you get a FE one, then its best to reroll, 1 hit deaths in HC arent funy. ever.
once you get 1 with no FE's in, then use your valk (i presume you have a good valk) to get in between you and your enemies. whislt you have at least 1 distracted on your valk, you fire botls at them. rememebr if valk is abotu to die, recast him in a place nearer to the ancients than you, otherwise you'll follow you and you have to repostiion everything and that takes time and can cause you to back into a corner.
the first one is always the hardest. with your merc (expect him to die, there aint much you can do) and a valk at the beginning, you shoudl be reasonably safe to kill one of them, id try and get the throwing axe one (forgot whcih he is) first, as he can stand from a distance without you realising and kill you. the last 2 should be ok with you and valk, maybe merc for a bit. dont group them, dont run about unless you have to, and if you need rejuvs, then plan first. drop as many as you can onto the floor whislt keeping a belt full. when you use a few, go to the group (in the middle is best for easy access)and pick up some. rememebr after 5 mins they'll disappear, so if your fighting a while, pick them up and drop them again to reset the 5 mins.


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I won't take credit for either of these tactics as I didn't come up with them or try them on Hell yet, but one way to check the mods is to rapidly press esc while they are breaking from their statues. You mostly want to check to see if Madwac (the Thrower) is Fire-enchanted as the bug will transfer to his axes and one-hit kill you. It is also good to re-roll if either of the others are fire enchanted as well as their death explosion will kill you if you are close to them. The esc idea I first found out from Butz. Secondly fill your Cube with Full rejuvs. When you need to replenish the potions on the ground you can just drop the cube to the ground and 8 Full rejuvs will be on the ground where you dropped the cube. The other four will be in your inventory where the cube used to be. That I found out from Nightfish. If either of these ideas were someone elses I'm sorry for not giving you proper credit.


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Most important is to remember that any of fe ancients can kill you with single hit. Reroll them so long that you get mods you can handle.

As you are playing amazon I would suggest to let your merc keep that Shaftstop, you can quite easily avoid most of the attacks. But I have played mostly SC and heavily twinked so I can't say this for sure

But one very important thing is to stay calm. Maybe it is very difficut in your situation, but if your hands are shaking and you are sweating heavily, you will only do accidential mouse clicks in wrong situations :lol:

Please inform us later how did you manage with those barbarians :)

Good luck!