Oh F.f.f.f ... Fridaily


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Oh F.f.f.f ... Fridaily

RL: Cruddy day, don't ask. My housemate is renaging on our deal and it's annoying me. Plus I am job hunting and I really hate that. No idea what to write about my last two jobs; I took ones I didn't like and got fired. Anyone with more cunning would have just lied, worked on and found a new job THEN quit. Yes I am a ... *bleep* sometimes.

D2: Still trying to get my vanilla char into hell. It's been a while since I haven't had a char fitted out in uniques. But, it's nice; I am actually using stuff rather than hoarding. :grin: You know, sapphires to help with mana, runes in armour to help with resists. It is very different and a refreshing change. Let's see how far I get before it gets troublesome. :rolleyes:


RL: Cold rainy day, coughing and sneezing alot.. Happy!!! He is coming out next tuesday!! I'm happy. Gonna buy his favourite Black forest cake for him!!! miss him alot...

D2: No more D2 for me for now. Trial exam coming out. I gonna prepare for it... Sorry Arreat_Mercenary and others who are expecting Archimonde to be a resurrected pat again...


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I'm 24 minutes away from Saturday and I start work at 12pm. It's going to be an interesting day...not really.


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RL: Work sux a**. Cannot get used to it.

D2: Pushing my furywolf through NM Act4. Great fun taking all head on. Got rabies as a backup skill and its very satisfying to see large groups of monsters turn green with a little red aura spreading through the whole sreen. Big D WILL fall tonight!!


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RL: Currently it's ~9:20 a.m. and i'm 2 hours and 15 minutes into the most interesting meeting I've ever had at work. It's so interesting that I just had to tell you about it - and spend time surfing the forums (I love working from home)... Oh wait... I think I chose the wrong adjective... hmmm... BORING... that's the word I was looking for... interesting is the wrong term.

It's the weekend and my knee is still baint. That means I don't get to do anything fun. :sad2: Probably just hang around the house, clean, and play D2... Actually, it's not all bad - mellow weekends are good.:cool:

D2: Countess. I didn't post my finds from last night yet, but I had one good one :thumbsup:.


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RL: I finally went to the dentist and I no longer look like I got into a bottle fight with the local chavs outside the pub at kicking out time:grin:

D2: Running Nilly for chams to cube. Loads of keys, and even a Widowmaker, but not one grand charm in 2 hours so far today:tongue:


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Real Life: Still trying to to get the company to resend the package of games that never arrived. They keep saying that they will, but they haven't...

Still really worried about my cat. :(

My partner and I are planning on going out this evening. There is an art festival that starts today...

@Thyiad: Sounds like you need a different housemate. You shouldn't live with someone you can't trust. Who's name is the lease in?

@Suiling: Tell Skullcaptain that I wish him the best of health and luck!

Diablo II LOD: Got tired of playing Amazons, for now. Yesterday, I played my Leap Attack/Double Swing Barbarian for a little while. Technically, he doesn't have Leap Attack yet, since he is only level 17, but that is my plan:
max out Leap Attack, Bash (as a Double Swing synergy), put a few points into Double Swing, and some in the Warcries with extra in Shout, plus a few in Sword Mastery, and a couple in Iron Skin and Natural Resistance.

Maybe I'll play a bit more this afternoon, after I do some chores and before my partner gets home..



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Tis lunch time here on a sunny day and I can't wait till 4 to get outside.

Thyriad: I've taken a number of characters into hell untwinked back iin 1.09 and patted my hybrid throw barb. I got my trapsin to hell ancients before getting frustrated and twinking.

Jude: did you ever see the Boyaka barb guide? By itself it is a scream to read, but it is also a great guide. I started one and then got diverted to other things.


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Bazhell said:
Jude: did you ever see the Boyaka barb guide? By itself it is a scream to read, but it is also a great guide. I started one and then got diverted to other things.

Nope. What's the gist of it, or can you find me a link?



Thanks Jude. I'll no tell him but i'll ask him to come and look at this himself. Sure he'll feel a lot better...:tongue:

OK just kidding only, i'll tell him :grin:


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@Jude:There is a linkable page, but it seems to be down at the moment. (Not a guide on these forums) On the other hand I'm fairly sure it was working a few days back because I remember reading through it.

For comparison with your own build, a rough plan:

Leap Attack - 20
Leap - 20
Battle Orders - 20
Mastery - 20
Bash, Howl, Shout, Iron Skin, Natural Resistance, Taunt - 1 point each.

Although the author, Swarmalicious, says that a lot of the skill distribution comes down to personal taste.

Stats: Pump Strength to about 250, leave dexterity and energy at base, and dumpt the rest into vitality. This is with a view to using a thunder maul when it becomes available, so if you know you want to use a different weapon, then aim for that instead. Of course to best take advantage of LA's 1000+% ED, it helps if it has a big physical damage.

Would be more useful if the link was to send you there, but I hope that's enough of a gist.

RL: Packing soon, yay, fun etc. Or not. Hopefully have enough time in the evening for a game of snooker and a farewell session at the local. :smiley:

D2: Finished Hell for the first time today! In HC! Woop woop! Now onto the next stupid idea!

In all seriousness, I have a character that's been stuck for a while because the kill-speed's a little slow and it's HC again. I don't want to try and go faster in case I have to start from scratch. So I'm thinking of changing from using a big hurty two-handed sword to using a slightly less nasty one-hander but with a shield as well. Should give me more safety for now and after a while can review the weapon options and possibly change back then.

Also going to restart my v1.00 WW barbarian. Mostly because he has a daft name and I'd rather not introduce him to you people as "Baron SC_runner". This was back when all I wanted him to do was clear normal so that I could start on the old v1.00 HC. Nah, I'll go back and find a suitable name for him. At least he was only in Act 2 normal.


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Hey all!

RL: Work was actually pretty decent today, but I'm not looking forward to tomorrow at all! :shocked:

D2: Started playing with Firestorm, my pure fire sorc, and retrieved Khalim's Heart before almost falling asleep on my keyboard last night. I'm thinking of changing her name, probably to Firestarter, or DrewBarrymore. We'll see. When I named her originally, I had completely forgotten about the druid skill of the same name. Oops. If I don't end up doing anything else tonight, I'm going to try to push her closer to Mephisto. I'm OHK most things with fireball still, so hopefully that'll keep up.

Enough of my rambling!