Oh and by the way, hi..


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Oh and by the way, hi..

Well, I've been posting in these forums for a few days now and I have to say I'm really impressed with the level of feedback from people. My experiences elsewhere have been mixed at best, as it seems sometimes my threads went for days with a rising view count but no actual responses..

Anyway, I've been on the realms for about a year and a half or so now with mild success but I don't do it to be the richest guy around, just to have fun (though sometimes it is hard to keep sight of that). Anyway, yeah.. just wanted to make something of a formal introduction (as best I can at 5:30a) and just to say if anyone wants to say hi or maybe do a bit of gaming on the realms some time, I can be found on US-East ladder under the account *kopfschuss.


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Welcome to the forums!

You are right...the feedback you will get here is generally very useful, mainly due to the patience of very experienced players.

Keep posting any questions you have, but also be sure to browse through any past threads that already exist. With a little extra effort you will often save a lot of time.

Enjoy your stay here :thumbsup:

-Backdoor Bandit