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Hi guys,
for my new start in d2 i offer some stuff to equip my sorc, i guess i need everything for sorc (weapon, helm, amu, ring, belt, boots, shield) or runes for other trades ;)

-1 x Summoner SK + 6 Dex

-1 x Warcry SK + 25 Life

~ 65 Pgems (atm) incl. Rubys/Amethys

- 2 x Spirit runeset (Tal,Thul,Ort,Amn)

- 4 Socket CV with runeword Insight

- 4 socket äth Pike

- 5 socket Flail

- 3 socket äth Iron Armor

(- Maybe a äth 4 Socket CV with runeword Insight in it)

thank you for the interest


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Hey, how is your Sorc coming along? What spec are you building?

I'm interested in:
-1 x Warcry SK + 25 Life

I got a few items that might be of interest to you:
-Wizardspike (great for upping resistances in Hell)
-Visceratuant +1 Sorc skills shield
-Tal Helm
-Nagelring 20mf
-Goldwrap belt
-Spirit Shroud armor +1 all skills / can not be frozen

Got any use for any of these?


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atm a frost-build (blizzard) got already better things in the last few days, maybe a occu, arach, amu or something like that ? i can add some too, if u got something im interested in.


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Don't have much other sorc gear except what my toon is wearing - got my old amu I used before I got Mara:

Amu 1 sorc 5 fcr [email protected] with 18 life 10 mana + random minor adds

Any use for that?

Other specific needs?