Offensive shields???


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Offensive shields???

i have a hybrid bow/lightning fury zon that needs a shield, since i need defensive bonuses for when im using my bow all my defensive stuff is on gear other then shields, so when i switch to LF i need a shield that will up my LF dmg, and pretty much dont need it for anyhitng else. i know storm is by far the best defensive shield with resists and DR but i want somehting that will add to my dmg, so the only thought i really had was a 4 socket monarch with 4 light facets in it. while all be it incredibly expensive, i think this is prob the best offensive shield i could get, so...
does anyone else know of a shield that might be a little more accesible to me that will up my dmg???

P.S. (this is off topic but i was also wondering if some one could post the stats to kiras guardian helm for me, i cant seem to find them listed anywhere on ot arreats? thanks in advance)


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Have you considered using a Sigon or Lidless Wall Shield? They both give +1 to skills so it'll up your damage a bit as well as your passive skills.



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Kira's Guardian

Defense: 90-170 (varies)(Base Defense: 40-50)
Required Level: 77
Durability: 25
+50-120 Defense (varies)
+20% Faster Hit Recovery
Cannot Be Frozen
All Resistances +50-70 (varies)
(Ladder Only)
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.10 or later)

There aren't many shields that will improve your damage. Tiamat's Rebuke has some boosts to damage but they aren't all that great for Lightning Fury and the like (since it only applies to the first target), so your only real other option are the +skill shields gattaca mentioned. Or just run River of Flame/Pit over and over until you get a bunch of Lightning Facets :)


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One option for offensive with resist is Moser's socketed with 2 light facets.
For full offensive you could go with a 4 socket shield and 4 light facets. I like the moser setup as i tend to run chaos and the extra block/resists gives you some leeway to back off if you spawn LI knights packs in ROF.


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wow thanks, couldnt ask for much more in reply, quick and exactly what i needed to know, thanks.