Off-Topic: Deckard Cain's Quiz for Addicted Players


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Off-Topic: Deckard Cain's Quiz for Addicted Players

I'was playing in a party last night. I got killed and became very pathetic. I had no gold to ransom my merc. I had no minions. And I couldn't get back my body because I was asked to find the summoner in Arcane while everybody else went to cube the staff. I was bored and running like crazy in Lut Gholein. Suddenly, I thought about an idea. I had noticed lots of trivia in the game and I decided to make a series of quizzes to entertain everyone. My party members liked it. I hope you liked it, too. It may sound pretty stupid to some people. I forgive you.

Quiz 1

1) One person in the game is nearly deaf. Who is this person?

2) Find the closest well to Lut Gholein.

3) Find the following items in the World of Sanctuary

* White candles
* Bananas
* BBQ chicken

The prize for answering all questions right is Cain's cane.

Answers will be posted.