Off the Beaten Path Tournament


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@Luhkoh Do you have Griffon's Eye on your sorc? I'm finding that although light immunity is easily broken in RoF, having a second element (Fire Blast + Death Sentry) to kill Abyss Knights and Finger Mages is really helping speed up my runs when lots of those (formerly) LI mobs spawn - especially at higher p settings. Grif's would really help with knocking that light res down to a more manageable level for a single-element character like a light sorc.


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@jonnyphive No griffs unfortunately (yet), but if I attempted some RoF lightsorc runs, I'd use crescent moon for sure. Can get 117 fcr and 300+ mf without too much trouble on one.


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Good stuff everyone! To add to the area discussion, I've been doing drifter cavern only with my trapsin and I enjoy the runs. They aren't too efficient for me anyways (clocking in at 2:20ish avg p5 runtimes with maybe 6 boss packs avg due to evil urns). They're also pretty dangerous. I'm no HC player, but I don't generally die a ton, but I've already died 3 or 4 times in my 6 hours. Granted none were necessary, but those moon lords can drain the HP FAST. And so can might/fana/cursed succubi. Anyways the exp gain is greater than the loss so far and I'm halfway to 92.

Any recommendations for my second set that is not drifter nor RoF?

@peytron how are you liking maggot lair so far and what character are you using there? I did a couple of test runs with my blizz sorc in there and nearly died pretty quickly a few times from all those LE enemies. Maybe windy would be fun in there with cyclone armor? Or could always just pop on a tgods.
Maggot Lair isn't too bad at all. I'm using my "Meteorb" and Fire Ball kills almost everything instantly on p3. Infinity breaks the fire immunes, but a couple Frozen Orbs drop the odd monster that spawns with that mod. I haven't tried higher player settings but maybe will try it on a second set. The run takes about 5-7 minutes, with about 6 boss packs while moving through level one and two, and about 4 on level 3. I have found some decent drops here and it is a nice change of pace from the typical areas.


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My experience in the RoF is okay with my Blova. Blizzard take care of pretty much everything but the Grotesque, while Nova can kill them, albeit slowly on p7. My first set was with a suboptimal map, with the two chests far away from the WP, but it also meant that I was coming across more boss packs. P3 for monsters and p7 for chests. While I was able to ‘’complete’’ the first set, aka got five qualifiers for each categories, I was not entirely satisfied with my performance in the place.

I rerolled the map for the second set and got super close chests from the WP; 5 tele and I’m at the first chest. Even if I kill stuff at p7, runs go much quicker now : they can take a little less then 30 sec when they’re next to no enemies, but can go up to a minute, minute and a half when I kill Grotesque packs. Those are estimation because the Run Counter is still not working for me. I probably shouldn’t kill Grotesques, but still do anyway. I do skip them when they’re not boss packs, though. Anyway, I’m three hours in now, and rune findings seems more efficient, but item hunting a bit less so. There’s less monster density, after all. I also run a decent 347 mf, but still struggles to get interesting drops. Not too confident I’ll do great, but I’m having fun nonetheless.

Wanted to maybe run another set, but I might call it quit after this one and go back to my other projects. The tournament format seems to favor the RoF, because you need runes AND items for scoring, so I highly doubt I’d do better in some other place. Anyway, we’ll see.


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I'm 8.5 hours into my first set with ruined temple and Battlemaid Sarina's crew running at /p7 with my novamancer. I have died a couple times to stair traps but now cast confuse or decrep quickly so it has been a couple hours since the last.

Finds have been ok...nothing stellar....dwarf star, light skiller,30mf gheeds, several other decent non qualifiers, a nice rare ring. I will post pictures at some point (on mobile right now)

Since runes Hel and higher count for this I have a full rune set(mostly from chests/poppables) and a full s/u set...just working on improving those scores now.

Run average is 1:45 seconds but range from 1:10 to, not consistent.

Map spawns always Sarina (TC 78) despite being mlvl87, and her 10 minions (mlvl 87 with no capped TC). Elites be dropping like mad, just not many S/U ones even at 400+ mf. Also there is a random boss/champ pack with its 6 minions each map too, sometimes 2, maybe 20% of the time. There are about a dozen poppables between the run there and several in the temple.

All in all a pretty easy run area for poison or lightning chars (Sarina does spawn light immune when LE). The hulking beasts are magic immune but manageable. Spiders and night lords are fire immune, and sarina's group are cold immune. No enigma so a good 20+ seconds each run is hoofing to wp and then to temple with harmony on switch. Great xp, from 89.5 to I think 92 now in that timeframe.

Took a break from the set to try to quick run a ut99er bonemancer up for my second set because the xp is great for that char type in this tourney. Should be hitting NM on him tonight (lvl 26 at act 4 start) :)


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I did 5 hours with Sorc and been at Meph since, not much time and not much motivation to run RoF :/


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I'm about 2 hours in doing HoP p5. I start with a couple of spots where bosses spawn, pop the sparkly chest and if there aren't any fetishes I save & exit. Is it a good place to run? Yeah I don't know... It feels kind of meh.


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First set finished over the weekend. Ran my Fire claw Druid in the mausoleum (p6) for half the set and then ran my Hdin in the RoF (p7) for the other half. Mausoleum was decent for runes, a few non qualifiers S/Us...the RoF was where the most qualifiers for S/Us and runes came from. I tend to pick up more than just S/Us and such so my runs are usually a little longer than most. Plus I tend to play higher P-settings for the experience rather than a lower one for more runs and just hitting the boss packs. I’m sure I could be way more efficient on both ends...but that’s why I’m trying to participate more in these and read what ya’ll have to say and try to tweak my play style a little.

The mausoleum avg. boss/per run was 6.35. Had 2 “L” spawns on the map which always had 1, then the other 3-4 spawned within the same 1-2 rooms each run. Every 5-6 runs a random extra boss spawned in a long hallway I ran towards 4 pop-able caskets (I’ll post the map picture tonight after work) (time was 4:10 avg. per run also)

RoF map wasn’t a superchest map, but a circular pattern south of the WP with 3-4 boss packs and great density of spawns almost every run. Those runs were an avg. of 1:30-1:45s

Thinking my second set this weekend will be trapsin/Javazon in Act 5 (HoP/ice caves). Test runs there went well for both. Trapsin will probably be run on p3-5 and the javazon on p7-8

Last set I’m already leaning towards my Windy Druid and Sorc (blizzard or respec to fire). Just gonna figure out where and which maps to re-roll if needed.


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Almost half way in the "icy" areas run, not much going on there as Luhkoh already said. Still running P5 with the fire druid, managed to level from 90 to 91, no deaths. I find it amusing how this guy just stands there with 4k life and casts his super slow spells waiting for everything to eventually melt, but the novelty is wearing off. I'm definitely not doing another set there :)

Density is bad, uniques/champs are few, even the evil urns aren't guaranteed to spawn and then there are also duds. Area levels not high enough, ghosts spawn very rarely. Glacial/Drifter/Ancient's/Icy Cellar just doesn't seem worth it.

I'm loving the tournament format though! Some overlooked areas are turning out to be quite interesting.


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Non unique/champ packs can deliver too... this one i always like to drop!

Arreat's Face
Slayer Guard
Defense: 341
Durability: 47 of 55
Required Level: 42
Required Strength: 118
Fingerprint: 0xaa3e1831
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+2 to Combat Skills (Barbarian Only)
+2 to Barbarian Skill Levels
+30% Faster Hit Recovery
20% Bonus to Attack Rating
5% Life stolen per hit
+182% Enhanced Defense
+20 to Strength
+20 to Dexterity
All Resistances +30


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Should be able to finish the first set by the end of the weekend. Two rune qualifiers in the meantime, obviously thanks to my complaining earlier... one came from RoF chest and one from a Strangler, so at least psychologically I perceive the RoF strategy to be worthwhile. :)

Leaning more towards HoP with Fire Sorc for potential second set. She was fun while testing builds/targets, and I enjoy the relaxed gameplay with Phoenix in general.
@ffs I'd be interested to see how HoP runs turned out eventually. I think I was finding 5+ bosses down there most of time with obviously good density for runes. So maybe those spawn locations could be nailed down well?
From the brief testing I did, 5 seems on the high end, at least I'm pretty sure I had less than that on average on the maps I saw. Main problem in any case was the proportion between boss pack number and map size when doing fullish clears. From Nihl runs I also saw that some maps had relatively stable boss spawning locations between WP and HoV entrance, so maybe it makes sense to roll something with 2-3 packs near WP and focus on smaller parts of the map, possibly with full clears when Flayers spawn.

Seems P5 is a good player setting to go with for Fire Sorc. Seems like it's possible to get minimum dmg to 2-shot Flayers with Fire Ball and 1-shot with Meteor on P5 without too many compromises. (In comparison I didn't identify any reasonable P7 damage "breakpoints" and P3 is likely not much faster, at least one-shot Fire Ball seems out of reach with gear I considered at this point.) Probably something like this:
Shako 'facet'
Eschuta's 'facet'
2x rare rings with FCR/MF/adds
+2/FCR/MF ammy

Infinity Merc

Two facets make it considerably easier to get guaranteed kills with one meteor/two fire balls on P5. Downside is MF is on the low side with 250-300. Seems high enough for a decent balanced approach though. Needs 5-6 Burning GCs to reach ~13.6k FB and ~27.3k Meteor, which I gather should hit those damage "breakpoints", though that's only based on a quick glance at the numbers and skill calc.

I am still lacking a 2/20 or 3/20 Fire Sorc circlet, unfortunately. This would enable further possibilities for Fire Sorc.


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Oh tournament ends on the 9th of February... I really thought it was on 30th of January - don't ask me why. Will I start a 3rd one? I think not, I may jump into Barbarian leveling soon and complete the current set later - less than 4 hours to go, another lvl shall be hit by then :)


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Fire Sorc spreadsheet

Slow day at work, so during breaks I fooled around with this, having learned (aka stolen) some Google Drive tricks from @Luhkoh's spreadsheets. ;)

You can download it or make a copy in order to play around with it.

Light purple colored fields require input, the rest should be calculated automatically.

I mostly made it to check which damage range to go for to run HoP, but found it was easily expanded to other areas and thereby Fire Sorc as a whole. It calculates damage and required hits for numerous target monster types – including Flayers, Cows, Stranglers/Storm Casters, Specters in AS, Pindleskin... more can be added (hopefully explanation in spreadsheet is sufficient).

Hopefully others find it useful, or even better improvements (or worse: mistakes ;)).


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Finally got the time to post the Maus map I managed to roll with my Fire Claw Druid. If I could re-roll this map with another character (preferably a better MF char.)

Yogi Maus Map.png
The dots were from the first 6 runs. Then it was really consistent on the spawns so I stopped marking them down.

There is a long stretch in there from 6-7 with no packs, but there was probably close to 12 pop-ables (chest, graves, and caskets) so i determined it was worth the chance to run them to pack #7 which was a 100% spawn with the "L" shaped tile there.


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Added hellforge quest reward to the targets not allowed. Thanks for pointing that out @DiabloTwoinDC! If anyone was counting on a drop or something from it, just pm me. I doubt it could make too much a difference since it only goes up to gul, but filling your top 5 with guls from a bunch of saved rushed HF chars isn't in the spirit of the tourney in my mind :p.

Hope everyones runs are going well! I'll finish my driftsin (what I'm calling trapsin running drifter caverns ;) ) set today. Ill then do a few days of nihlathak for my 99er's progress, but then I plan to get in a second set for sure! Will likely be mausoleum with blizz sorc since I just kind of like the area. However I will say I did slap on tgod and a light res gc, and maggot lair runs changed to totally fine. So that's an option too!

And I'm loving the map analyses posted recently with with the boss pack dots. Just always super fun to see! @Kstil3227 @Kitteh @Grisu :)


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This time Damned Zerker who is not desperately damned anymore.
Clumsy playing - check
Can't recognize skeleton bosses - check
Missed boss right next to a barb - check

I did another better video but (un)fortunately some not entirely terrible qualifier dropped so couldn't show it. This will do anyway. I changed strategy of running today - if Damned city spawns 5 or more bosses, I save/exit and start another run. If it spawns less, then I go into Planes of Despair for redemption. Although I would argue sticking only to City of Damned is better. I have reason to believe this barb can outperform AT barb... with proper playing that is. sub 4.5 s/bosspack on this video, other one was around 4.2

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I just finished my first set at RoF. My finds were also meh, but the quantity wasn't bad. Actually, I'm not the most efficient runner, and I like playing a bit casual; I don't really care for run counters/timers. I do usually have a stop watch going and so have a rough idea of my times. This feels more efficient than the pits, maybe its the WPs at either end of the RoF. Regardless, I think RoF may be added to my lvl 85 area running rotation.