off or def. liberator guide


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off or def. liberator guide

Being the very indecisive player I am (in addition to being the perfectionist style person that I am, also) I have come to a dilemma as to which sort of build I should make.

I want to make an offensive build; the reasoning behind this would be that I have the ability to stack higher res/sorb from gear elsewhere thus making the extra damage fit in more comfortably.

The reason I would want to make a defensive build is because (w/ grief) there is no considerable increase in killing speed due to the incessant onslaught that would be a chargelock.

As of writing this, I have absolutely none of the gear that I would need to actually execute the building of this build. Thus further leaning me towards a defensive build (since if I come across any fc builds or such I can simply turn on that all-deciding aura to combat their high damage).

But, in essense, this is what my gear setup would look like
um'd shako
sort sort of enigma
griefz or pb
some sort of pally spirit
some sort of boots (treks, probably. maybe shadowdancers if I can get them... but I'm not sure why. Mythos guide said they're better than treks for some reason if you don't have CoA).
trangs gloves

and an assortment of absolutely junk charms that have life on them and such.

Very, very, very rough; something that I have knowledge of and do not need to be reminded of. Yes, yes, I will do more meph runs. D:

But, all in all, which build would suit me best?

much love


edit: I meant to add a poll on here for off and def, but I forgot to add it and now i'm not sure what to do with it.


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Re: off or def. liberator guide

Are you talking about mytho's little thing on offensive vs. defensive libbys?

You want Grief Z, as pbs will require you to go out of your way to pump dex.

I really like the +hammer +conc Cta sceptre / spirit with grief / hoz combo, give that a thought.

The good thing with libbys compared to rest of chargers, is that you don't need ar. Any opponent you need ar against, you should be using hammers anyway. Inventory can be life, res, skill charms.

I don't know which is which, but I'd rather you go bit heavily towards hammer with one point charge + max charge synergy.


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Re: off or def. liberator guide

Good starter build:

shako - ber/um
Grief pb
Spirit sacred targe/rondache /w 35+res 35fcr
Trang glove
waterwalks/aldur's set boot/tri res rares
Ravenfrost/soj/bk/sorb rings
3x pcomb, anni, torch rest of inv as 17+lifers
cta/spirit switch

Max hammer, concentration, vigor, blessed aim
Extra points to Holy shield (must get at least 1 in this), medi, holy freeze, salvation, fanat, lite resist. I'd suggest 1 pt in each of those with the remainder being split between shield and lite resist, depending on what level you plan on going to.

As your e-wealth improves, invest in life/res all sc's.