Odd Tamoe Highlands-Barracks map O.o! (overlapping areas!) <

Evrae Altana

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I've had that happen before. I just try to pass it off as the "Barracks" is built slightly below ground. :grin:


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i'm sure there's an explanation with an alternate universe/undoing the physics somewhere in this:brainiac:


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Fourth?? String theorists are working on 10 dimensions already :) Some have even made the upgrade to an 11th :p


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Never had that happen before on Bnet, but I think its posssible to happen there too. Altho I thought that maps were randomly generated after some rules, which should never let this hapen.


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Unrealism said:
What happens if you try to tele into that area?
I was wondering the same thing, so I transferred over a teleport amulet to test it out. It was impossible to teleport between the two areas; ie, if you teleport in the "Barracks" part of it, you stay in the barracks part, even if you click at a point that would be only for the Tamoe Highland (and vice-versa).