..Odd Red Aura??


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..Odd Red Aura??

Ok well you recongize that I made the thread yesterday about trying to kill Andariel and blah blah blah.

Well she was one of the easiest kills in the whole game so far.
I only had to go to town once and that was because I had collected alot of weapons from there and wanted to sell them for gold. :wink3:

But Act 2 is harder. Not to mention the sewers are freakin huge.

Anyway the first quest is to kill some monster in the sewer.. or something.
And I died once because about 20 skeleton archers were shooting fiery arrows at me..And all of my raised skeletons + magi died.

I raised some more and I noticed this weird blue light under my character and the whole party.. what is this? It doesn't seem to be damaging me or anything, it just makes this weird noise and there is blue light.

Same thing happened a bit later except this time it was Red, and It was a swirling aura..What is this? How did I get it..?


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Yeah, I did. Thx. ><

Maybe the different color was a different type of merc? Since they have offensive, defensive.. and combat.


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Different mercs in act 2 have different auras:

Combat (Normal): Prayer
Combat (Nightmare): Thorns
Combat (Hell): Prayer
Defense (Normal): Defiance
Defense (Nightmare): Holy Freeze
Defense (Hell): Defiance
Offense (Normal): Blessed Aim
Offense (Nightmare): Might
Offense (Hell): Blessed Aim

Most desirable are the holy freeze, defiance and might auras. Probably might for you since your a summoner i believe.


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Ah. Thanks.

Also I was talking to Warriv and I had the option to 'Go West'

He means back to the rogue encampment, ne?
Or to another place?


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yes, go back to rouge encampent act1. You can travel back and forth

Edit: beaten by Evrae Altana :tongue:


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That's what I thought.

Do your creations and mercenary come with you..unlike using the waypoints?

[I'm just full of questions today:tongue: ]


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Same thing happened a bit later except this time it was Red, and It was a swirling aura..What is this? How did I get it..?
The red swirling stuff, if it was above your heads rather than at your feet, was probably an Amplify Damage curse. When it hits you, it doubles the effect of any physical damage to you or your characters (bad!). :shocked:



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According to your previous posts, I guess you are not playing the expansion, but the core game (aka classic). In that case you can't take your merc or minions to different acts.

There are much more differences between classic and the expansion and a lot of the information in these forums applies to the expansion, so in case you haven't upgraded to the expansion yet, it's a good idea to mention that it's about classic, as it will avoid a lot of misunderstandings.


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Since your merc didn´t follow you travelling to a different act using a waypoint, Krischan is right, you are using the classic version of Diablo. You can easily ensure this by pressing "q". If you see numbers from 1-4 at the top you are classic, if you see 1-5 you are using the expansion. He won´t follow you, using Warriv as transport neither.

The auras around your feet were provided by your merc.
Combat = Prayer = blue = life regeneration
Offensive = Blessed Aim = swirling red = more attack rating for the party
Defensive = Defiance = blue = higher defence for the party

The only aura under your parties feet you have to worry about is green, is named Conviction and reduces the resistances of you and your party, making you more vulnarable to elemental damage. Can´t think of something dangerous around your feet else. Things above your head are curses and always something bad. The most dangerous are yellow ( Amplify damage / doubles physical damage done to you ), pink bubbles ( Lower resist / same as conviction, but as a curse ) and as a summoner fine red lines ( Iron maidon / throwing back physical damage you and your party deals multiple times ).

There is a classic forum within etf. People there will be able to give you good advise on how to build a Summoner in classic, as this is a lot more challeging, than in the expansion pack.


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Wow, can't take your merc with you in classic?! Yeesh. I see another sale for Blizzard of the expansion disc in the near future ^_^. Not to mention being able to upgrade to 800X600 screen size - that alone is worth the ten bucks in my book...


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I don't know about your world, but amp is red with some yellow and lower res is purple.