Obedience ww barb help


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Obedience ww barb help

Hi, obedience is all I can affort so that's why I am gonna use it. But in which weapon would be best to use? Thresher, Cryptic Axe, Great Poleaxe or Giant Thresher?

What's the break points?

Plz remember that Obedience has -20% req.

I surpose that the Thresher isn't an option due to a very low range, right? A Giant Thresher would be superior, right?

Thx :smiley:


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Obedience is a horrible whirlwind weapon because it has no ias but if you use Tresher or giant tresher then you hit the third ww breakpoint at least. I would go with tresher because it has lower requirements and also bonus style points. :p

Edit: you shouldn't notice any range difference at all because your hits are so rare anyway (low ias).


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Hmm I didn't knew that it was such a crappy weapon... Perhaps I have a great deal of better options? It gotta be cheap though... Any ideas?


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ww barb with immortal king set is about the cheapest hell viable build that i know of

the armor is um and all other items are in the x pgem range (euscl)
don't tell me you can't afford that . . .


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I can go cheaper then the ik set. Poster read the guides theres one that states ever weapon that hits the wirlwind last break point and most of the weapons listed there are cheap.


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Good runeword option for weapon would be oath in one of these weapons :
eth champion axe -> ** - 141 dmg -> oath with average 275% ed it'll do 330 - 528 dmg (avg of 429 dmg)
eth champion sword -> 106 - 124 dmg -> average of 275% ed it'll be 397 - 465 dmg (avg of 431 dmg)

both hit last ww breakpoint and have an ok average dmg
downside is its range 3 and oath is shael pul mal lum and the getting the mal might be bit hard

but you also have a couple other options :
1) Tomb reaver, range 4, 1-3 open sockets (need 10 ias), avg dmg 274.5 - 347.5
2) Bonehew, range 3, 2 open sockets (needs 30 ias total), avg dmg 319.5 - 363
3) IK set, range 3 and maul average dmg of 275.5

Choice is yours ^^
IK set is a cheap, easy and good option for pvm but if you can get a 3 socket tomb reaver you're going to love it :D just shael it and fill rest up with ed jewels and you'll do some pretty nice dmg ^^

dont know about price for tomb reaver on ladder though but i dont expect it to be too high unless its eth

ps :
first two weapon choices taken from Rik's whirlwind guide :grin: *thumbsup*