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In an effort to get things going here again, I'll make a list of items I'll trade.

I'm looking for runes - who aren't - but I'll also be more than happy to accept pgems of any kind. Mix and match according to this:

Ist = 40pts, Mal = 20pts, Um = 10pts, Pul = 5pts, Pame/Prubies/Ral/Sol = 2pt, PG/Pskull/jewel/Nef = 1pt

New additions:
War Traveler, 40 mf
War Traveler, 44 mf
+3 Max Dam, +19 AR, +19 Life Small Charm

+1 Pala Combat Skill, +44 Life Grand Charm

CtA, Crystal Sword, +4 Ba. Cmd, +6BO, +1 Ba. Cry
CtA, Crystal Sword, +4 Ba. Cmd, +6BO, +3 Ba. Cry

Circlet, +2 Pala Skills, 20 FCR, +40 Life, +19 Fire/Cold/Poison Res, +38 Light Res

Zakarum Shield, [email protected]
Crown Shield, [email protected], 4os
Protector Shield, [email protected]

Griswold's Valor
Griswold's Honor​

Free Items:
Obedience Cryptic Axe, 206 Def., [email protected]
Obedience Thresher, 215 Def., [email protected]
Obedience Eth Cryptic Axe, 290 Def., [email protected]
Obedience Eth Cryptic Axe, 274 Def., [email protected]

Ama 14-14
Ama 13-13
Assa 17-13
Assa 13-13
Barb 16-11
Barb 15-14
Druid 10-15
Druid 20-16
Necro 15-20
Necro 14-18
Pala 11-10
Pala 12-11
Pala 11-16
Pala 12-19​
+1 Bow
+1 Bow, +1 Max Dam
+1 Bow, +3 Str
+1 Passive and Magic​
+1 Martial Arts x2
+1 Shadow Disciplines x2
+1 Shadow Disciplines, +1-10 Light Dam
+1 Shadow Disciplines, +1-2 Cold Dam
+1 Shadow Disciplines, +3-4 Fire Dam
+1 Shadow Disciplines, +34 Life​
+1 Masteries
+1 Masteries
+1 Masteries, +39 Life​
+1 Cold Skills​
Damage/AR Charms:
Fine SC:
+3 Max Dam, +15 AR
+3 Max Dam, +19 AR
+3 Max Dam, +19 AR, +19 Life​
Sharp GC:
+10 Max Dam, +56 AR, 6 Life
+9 Max Dam, +73AR, +4 Str
+9 Max Dam, +59 AR
+9 Max Dam, +61AR​
Sharp LG:
+6 Max Dam, +46 AR, +3 Dex​
+20 Life x6
+19 Life
+18 Life​
Gold Find:
40% Gold x5​
MF Charms
6% mf x10+​
low (<28 mf)
Mid (27 mf < & < 35 mf)
Duriel's Shell
Guardian Angel
The Gladiator's Bane
Steel Carapace
Ormus' Robes, +3 Blaze, +13% Cold Dam, +11% Light Dam, +15% Fire Dam
Ormus' Robes, +3 Blizzard, +10% Cold Dam, +15% Light Dam, +15% Fire Dam
String of Ears
Nosferatu's Coil
Verdungo's Hearty Cord
Goblin Toe
Sandstorm Trek
War Traveler, 30 mf
Soul Drainer
Rare Heavy Gloves: +10% IAS, 3% mana steal, +13% EDef, +15 Dex, +19% Cold Res, +28% Fire Res
Rare Light Gauntlets: +20 % IAS, +16 AR, +28% EDef, +2 Str, +15 Dex, +22% Fire Res
Rare Gauntlets: +2 Bow Skills, +20% IAS, 3% Life steal, +10% EDef, +8 Str
Crown of Thieves
Valkyrie Wing
Harlequin Crest (Shako)
Blackoak Shield
Lidless Wall
Gerke's Sanctuary, 28res
Lance Guard
Moser's Blessed Circle

Merc Polearms/Spears:
Bonehew, Eth
Kelpie Snare
Kelpie Snare, Eth​
Razor's Edge, 216% EDam
Razor's Edge, Eth, 225% EDam
The Gavel of Pain
The Grandfarther
Rare Highland Blade, +20% IAS, +313% EDam, +6 Max Dam, +119 AR, +4-73 Light Dam​
Buriza-Do Kyanon
Goldstrike Arch
Wraith Flight
Rare: Long War Bow, +268% EDam, +Max Dam based on lvl, + AR based on lvl
Class Specific:
Lycander's Aim
Rare: Ashwood Bow, +1 Bow skills, +2 Ama Skills, 20 IAS, +Max Dam based on lvl, + AR based on lvl​
Shadow Killer
Bartuc's Cut-Throat
Bartuc's Cut-Throat, Eth
Jade Talon
Firelizard's Talons​
Arreat's Face
Demonhorn's Edge, +3/+3/+3, 3% ll, 157% EDef
Halaberd's Reign, +1 BO, +2 BC, +148% EDef, Repl. Life 15
Wolfhowl, +2WC, +3/+3/+3
Wolfhowl, +3WC, +3/+3/+3
Wolfhowl, +2WC, +4/+3/+6
Rare Barb Helm - +2 barb skill, +1 BC, +2 BO, +1 Shout​
Cerebus' Bite, +4 Shape Shifting, +2 Feral Rage
Spirit Keeper,+1 skill, 13 Light Abs, 20% Cold Abs
Jalal's Mane​
Boneflame, +3 Necro Skills, +26 res all
Eschutas's Temper, +3 Sorc Skills, +14% Light Dam, +10% Fire Dam, +22 Energy
The Occulus​
Alma Negra, Eth
Herald of Zakarum
Set Items:
The Disciple - Complete
Orphan's Call - Complete
Sigon's Complete Steel - Complete
Immortal King - Complete
Tal Rasha's Wrappings
Trang-Oul's Scales (Armor)
Griswold's Heart (Armor)​
Socketable Items:
Non Eth:
3os Dusk Shroud
3os Wyrmhide
3os Wire Fleece, 14% EDef
4os Wyrmhide
4os Scarab Husk
4os Wire Fleece
4os Boneweave, 14% EDef
4os Kraken Shell
4os Monarch
Plain Monarch​
3os Archon Plate, 1039 Def
4os Wyrmhide, 870 Def
3os Hyperion, 271 Def
3os Troll Nest, 379 Def
4os Monarch, 306 Def
4os Monarch, 333 Def
Manald Heal - Perfect
Dwarf Star - Perfect
+3 Warcries
+3 Lightning Skills​

30% ED, +45 AR
30% ED, +5 Str, +12 LR
40% ED
Tokens - Free (If I have and can spare them)

Latest priceguide on the Forums: https://www.diabloii.net/forums/threads/europe-sc-ladder-price-list-2017.937921/
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Thank you for your attempt to bring back some action to our dear forum.

Very nice list too by the way, and I have spotted a few items that I’m interested in.

I haven’t played much this ladder, so my wealth is not what it used to be…

I’m not sure of my current stock of runes and gems but I will like to offer some combination of values like this:

Ist=40points, Mal=20, Um=10, Pul=5, Pame/pskull/Ral/Sol=2, PG/jewel=1

If you agree on this, I would like to make you a separate offer on each of these items:

Random Gores 5 pts

Random Draculs 10 pts

Eth Reapers 80 pts (100 pts if you Larzuc it for me*)

sc 3max 18ar 9life 5 pts

sc 3max 19ar 1str 3 pts

lc 6max 45ar 4 pts

lc 6max 46ar 4 pts

*or rush one of my mules to Larzuc.

If we close any deal I will set up a muletrade and PM you the details.

Kind regards Groo


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I think some of the offers are a bit on the low end, considering the Feb. 2017 price guide.. Esp. for the Reapers, and perhaps for the sc's as well.. I'm no expert on prices though, so I might be horribly wrong..

But.. We need to get this forum going again.. So I'll go with it.

I'll be online later tonight, when I get home..

Edit: Btw, The Reapers has 1os..


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I'm happy with any combination of your choosing of pgems, pskulls, Rals, Sols..
Thanks for the deal!

I hope to find time to set up my mule and PM you the details when I come home later this eve.

Cheers, Groo

Edit 1: I have set up mule and PM'ed you the details
Edit 2: Mule finished, t4t!
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Managed to sell some stuff on b.net today. I can now offer 2 ums for the highlords and the random raven. Tell me what you think.

Cheers, Groo


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Sounds good to me.. It's yours..

The Raven is an 218AR/18DEX.. I thought it would give you a bit more flexibility with any possible future builds.. I've kept the lowest one, 155/16, on my sorc, as she doesn't ever need dex.

I thought I'd put it on the same mule right away - and I see you had the same idea.. :)


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Sounds good to me.. It's yours..

The Raven is an 218AR/18DEX.. I thought it would give you a bit more flexibility with any possible future builds.. I've kept the lowest one, 155/16, on my sorc, as she doesn't ever need dex.

I thought I'd put it on the same mule right away - and I see you had the same idea.. :)
Yupp - prepered the mule right away, to save us time if you wanted to close the deal. Thanks again for the trade!

Best regards, Groo


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Death's Disguise - Complete
I'd be interested in your Death's set. Edit - found the 2017 price list you referenced, nvm!
Just going by memory from way back, I'm guessing we're hovering somewhere around Pul? So; Pul to start it off :)
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Hello again

Time for another visit to your shop.
I offer 5 pts on your Duriels Shell (20 if you Larzuc it for me)
I offer 5 pts on your Crown of thieves (20 if you Larzuc that one too)

I'm also very interested in a low sorc torch and a Gheeds gc, if you happen to come across any of those ;)

Kind regards, Groo


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So many goodies in your shop.

I return for some more items. I split my bids on each item so you can decide if its enough for you on each one of them ;)

Lc 6max 46ar 5str – 10 pts

Sc 20life x2 – 40 pts

Sc 7mf x3 – 15 pts

Socketed Skullders Ire – 10 pts

WT40 – 15 pts

Natures peace – 5 pts

Jewel 35ed – 3 pts

If you have a spare token, I will gladly take one of those too :)

By the way – can you please check the stats on your String of ears (I want to compare it with the one I currently have ;))


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Oh.. I made a typo.. the LC isn't 46 AR.. It's only 41.. Still want it?

Other than that I'm ok with it..
Great. I still want the lc if only the ar was typo (if it's also 3max and not 6max dmg, I will drop it.)
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