o god help!!!


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o god help!!!

i dunno wat forum this is meant to be in and i dont even know if im allowed to talk about this but... whenever i complete an act and load the cinematic the game quit and says "we got a big error here" (d2loader :eek: )

how can i fix this prob?


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I dont feel that d2loader is a cheat, provided you own 2 copies of the game, and simply use it to avoid switching users to switch run 2 store bought copies of the game.

However, you also said you use maphack, which is not a d2loader feature, so if that has any influence on your problem, I cant help ya, since I never used any maphacks or anything... D2loader occasionally gave me that error message too, but not often (As I said, no 3rd party programs running either) and I always played in windowed mode.



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Deal with your own errors. If you're going to play with MH you shouldn't be helped by legit players.

Of course, that's only my opinion. You're lucky people here are much nicer than I am.